Derrick Rose: 5 Reasons People Are Crazy to Call the Bulls Guard Overrated

Steven Elonich@@TheMainSteventCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2011

Derrick Rose: 5 Reasons People Are Crazy to Call the Bulls Guard Overrated

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    Derrick Rose is a lot of things: Confident, humble, quick, a leader, skilled, and likable, among others. Since becoming the first overall pick for the Chicago Bulls, he has taken over his hometown in Illinois. He has brought the Bulls back to relevance and is the leader of a serious title contender for years to come.

    But is he overrated? Absolutely not.

Only Threat on the Team

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    With Keith Bogans as the Bulls' shooting guard, Rose often had to resort to a desperation shot before the shot clock expired. He was routinely double-teamed and the defense's only focus. Despite this, he still managed 25 points per game along with eight assists.

    Watching the Chicago offense, it can eventually get frustrating. Rose passes, the team stands there before passing back to Rose, Rose finds Deng or Boozer, they again pass back to Rose, and Rose attempts to beat the shot clock. With no second true threat, defense's could easily direct all of their attention to keeping Rose out of the lane—As was shown to the full extent when Miami came to town in the playoffs.

    His shooting percentage may have been somewhat low, but looking at the shots he's forced to put up, it can be excused. That statistic is held against him way too much, and is the usual argument that for him being "overrated" because he takes so many shots to get his points.

Defense Not Taken into Consideration

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    Derrick Rose's defense has improved amazingly since joining the league. He has learned to chase down opponents in the fast break as well as rotations off screens. Other point guards cannot run over him anymore because his pure speed can keep him on front of those such as Chris Paul and Deron Williams.

    Despite barely being over six feet tall, Rose has the leaping ability to block anybody in the league. His speed and jumping makes him a factor against any player looking to score. When he is scrutinized, his defense always seems to be overlooked. It shouldn't.

Too Quick to Compare to LeBron James

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    There's no denying that LeBron James is the most talented player in the league. After Derrick Rose deservingly won the MVP, many LeBron backers began saying how James deserved it more, which isn't too far out of the question, but an argument James killed by himself.

    LeBron had two teammates in Wade and Bosh that took away from his MVP candidacy. There is a huge difference between the words "skilled" and "valuable."

    LeBron James wins the most skilled player hands down over Derrick Rose. Of course he does, though, he has experience, age, height, and strength on Rose.

    But who is more needed by their team? Wade and Bosh could have made a decent run on their own, maybe pulled off a four seed or so.

    Take away Rose from the Bulls and you have a team that either misses the playoffs or barely sneaks in at an eight seed.

Sports Media

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    When the media shoves a player down our throats, they get to the point where you cannot even bear their name. Personally, I love Derrick Rose. But I understand this mindset because I am not fond of a certain backup quarterback in Denver.

    At a point, there wasn't a time where you could turn ESPN on for more than five minutes without hearing "Rose, Rose, Rose."

    This causes resentment, which leads people to bash somebody any way they can. In Rose's way, he was called overrated. There's a big difference between overhyped and overrated, and Rose was the former.

Have You Seen His Highlight Reel?

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    Derrick Rose has made me drop my jaw and say "wow" with extra w's more often than any other player in a single season that I can think of. Given I watched him more and wasn't old enough to appreciate Air Jordan's play. Every night, weaving in and out of traffic and by some miracle finding the hoop on an unbelievable shot that touches the backboard ever so gently.

    He's an amazing basketball player, the best Chicago has seen in over a decade. He's a rare type of breed that is the team's major scoring threat, and passing threat. He'll be throwing up highlight for years to come, and with his work ethic, he'll add new variations to his game and take over the league himself one day.