J.R. Smith to Detroit Pistons Could Mean Ressurection of the Bad Boys

Kyle Gibbons@@FI2ANCHISEAnalyst IIIJuly 16, 2011

J.R. Smith to Detroit Pistons Could Mean Ressurection of the Bad Boys

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    The signing of Detroit Pistons legend Bill Laimbeer as the team's new head coach was supposed to signify the return of the “Bad Boys.”

    Unfortunately for Laimbeer, Perry A. Farrell's article in the Detroit Free Press indicated that Detroit’s coaching vacancy has been narrowed down to either Lawrence Frank or Mike Woodson.

    Essentially leaving fan favorite Bill Laimbeer as the odd man out in the team’s final head coaching decision.

    So where does a team that through the years has lived and died by the Bad Boy image go after being bullied for the past two NBA seasons?

    It goes after a volatile unrestricted free agent talent like J.R. Smith of the Denver Nuggets.

    Smith’s perfect blend of aggressiveness and tenacity would certainly inject new blood into a team that last season showed signs of withdrawal and indifference.

    At an explosive 6’6" and 220 pounds, J.R. Smith has established himself as one of the league's preeminent open court finishers.

    Following is a compilation of videos and reasoning as to why J.R. Smith should be Detroit’s number one target once the NBA lockout is lifted.

J.R. Smith the Playmaker

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    Smith is a prototypical NBA body that had NBA potential straight out of high school.

    Prior to the draft in 2004, NBA scouts considered Smith one of the most prepared prospects to come into the league out of high school since Kobe Bryant in '96.

    At 25 years old, Smith still has great upside potential and could become an All-Star if given the right opportunity.

J.R. Smith the Aggressor

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    Smith is the type of hard-nosed, aggressive basketball player the Detroit Pistons covet, and he could give the team the type of edge lost with the departure of Rasheed Wallace in ’09.

J.R. Smith the Knock-Down Perimeter Shooter

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    Smith is capable of putting up huge numbers night in and night out.

    An integral facet of the J.R. Smith package is his ability to shoot a high percentage from behind the three-point line.

    On Dec. 23, 2009, in a game against the Atlanta Hawks, Smith came off the bench and scored 41 points in a victory for the Denver Nuggets.

    On Feb. 22, 2008, in a game against the Chicago Bulls, he came off the bench and scored 43 points.

    Smith’s well-documented ability beyond the arc dates all the way back to his days as blue-chip high school recruit.

J.R. Smith the Finisher

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    As I alluded to in the introduction, Smith is one of the league's best finishers at the basket.

    Coupled with a 44-inch vertical and a never-say-die attitude Smith has posterized some of the league's greatest defenders.

    His impressive ability to elevate has made Smith a legitimate first-class high flyer.

    He is literally a man unafraid.

J.R. Smith the Entertainer

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    Smith is selfless in his pursuit to entertain the fans.

    It’s that very mentality that has made Smith a fan favorite throughout his tenure in the NBA.

    It’s also the mentality that has made him public enemy number one for opposing players.

    Smith is the type of player that will throw down in your face and stand there to make sure you know that it just happened.

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