Jimmer Fredette: 5 Reasons the NBA Is Going to Be a Rude Awakening for Him

Joshua SextonSenior Analyst IIJuly 12, 2011

Jimmer Fredette: 5 Reasons the NBA Is Going to Be a Rude Awakening for Him

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    This article will look at five reasons why the NBA could possibly be a rude awakening for Jimmer Fredette.

    To say Jimmer Fredette had a successful senior season would be an understatement. Fredette averaged a nation best 28 points per game, leading the Brigham Young Cougars to the Sweet Sixteen for the first time since 1981.

    However, despite his college successes, there are plenty of people who are doubting his abilities at the next level. Here are five reasons why those doubters could be correct.

5. Jimmer Fredette Is More Popular Than the Average Rookie

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    Given his success on the court and his popularity off it, all of the opposing teams’ fans will be looking forward to heckling Jimmer Fredette when he comes to their arena, more so than the average rookie.

    I am sure some of the more raucous fanbases are already thinking of nasty things to shout at Fredette as he warms up.

4. Adam Morrison 2.0?

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    Last season, Jimmer Fredette averaged a nation best 28 points per game.

    Is it just me, or does the fact that Jimmer did the majority of his scoring in the less than stellar Mountain West Conference raise questions?

    Adam Morrison, from Gonzaga University, took the college scene by storm in 2006, averaging 28 points a game, en route to winning the Oscar Robertson Trophy.

    Like Fredette, Morrison played in a traditionally weak conference (West Coast Conference), and was best known for his shooting stroke.

    Despite Morrison’s decorated college career, he failed to make an impact in the NBA.

    It’s hard to look at Fredette’s track record and playing style, and not think he could be the next Adam Morrison.

3. Defense Wins Championships

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    Playing on a team whose primary strength is offense, which is the case with the Sacramento Kings, Jimmer Fredette may be able to mask his poor defense for awhile.

    However, Paul Westphal knows if his team is going to be in the playoff hunt in the Western Conference, the team can only try and outscore everyone for so long.

    Whenever the Kings decide they want to focus more on defense, it could drastically reduce Jimmer’s role on the team.

2. Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

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    The Sacramento Kings potentially have a log jam on their hands with all of their offensive minded personnel.

    For the most part, the Kings’ best players are young and still developing. Therefore, the only way they truly know how to impact the game is by dominating the ball and trying to score at all costs.

    Will there be enough shots to go around for Tyreke Evans, Jimmer Fredette, DeMarcus Cousins and Marcus Thornton?

    Will Fredette get enough touches to utilize his smooth shooting stroke? If not, Fredette could get lost in the shuffle quickly, even playing for a perennial bottom dweller.

1. Jimmer Fredette Can Shoot, but What Else Can He Do?

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    Much like his defensive deficiencies, Fredette was able to mask his lack of true point guard skills at the college level.

    Sure, Fredette can shoot the spot-up, open jumper as well as anyone.

    But can he create for himself and others playing point guard and/or shooting guard in the NBA?

    These possible deficiencies could limit Fredette to being a role player who comes off the bench to give the team instant offense, ala Kyle Korver and J.J. Redick.