What Do The Warriors Do If Robert Rowell Gets His Way?

Steven ResnickSenior Writer INovember 1, 2008

As a lot of Warriors fans know about the situation of Monta Ellis. His unfortunate mistake of riding on a moped and injuring his ankle, which means the Warriors would be without one of their top players for three months. Now there's doubt in my mind that he should have been punished. The question was to what extent? 

Well Robert Rowell the president of the Warriors blew the whole thing out of proportion creating turmoil through the organization. The reason was Rowell was all for terminating the 6 year contract Ellis just signed. The inury itself was severe yes, was it grounds for termination of a contract? The answer was clearly no!

The issue was that Rowell went to team owner Chris Cohan and suggested that Ellis should  have his contract terminated. Both coach Don Nelson and Chris Mullin disagreed.

Even more disturbing is the power struggle between Mullin and Rowell. As previously mentioned in a article I wrote about the fact that the Warriors had a chance to extend the contract of Baron Davis, but Rowell talked Chris Cohan out of approving the extension. 

So like most Warriors fans the future seems rather bleak because of the fact Rowell is in office as President of the team. Meaning that he's the one who is making the decisions for the Warriors along with getting approval or disapproval from Chris Cohan. So, the new issue for the Warriors is Chris Mullin going to have his contract extended?

The answer is more then likely that he won't asked to be back because of the drama Rowell has caused within the past few months. So, this begs the question who will become the Warriors GM if Chris Mullin is not offered an extension?

The answer is there's someone in the Warriors organization that would be a perfect fit for the Warriors to replace Mullin if he leaves. My preference is to keep Mullin around but it doesn't seem likely he will. It's actually one of Mullin's former teammates who should take over.

His name is Mitch Richmond who is currently within the Warriors organization. According to Michael Jordan Mitch Richmond was one of the hardest players he's had to play against. Richmond was an excellent scorer in the NBA had great range and was missed once he was traded to the Sacramento Kings from the Warriors. To me Richmond would do a great job as GM for the Warriors.