Mavs Win... Again. This is NOT a Recording

Adam AmickSenior Writer IMarch 3, 2007

IconAre the Dallas Mavericks going to lose again this season?  Right now they've won 22 straight at home, and won a franchise-record 15th straight tonight by dismissing the Orlando Magic 103-98 at the Hangar (our pet name for the American Airlines Center in Dallas).

Seriously... Are the Mavs going to lose again?  I would certainly hope not, as they would tie the NBA record for best record I believe.  Whether they do or not, this is shaping up to be the best Mavericks team ever.  And with the lessons of last years' loss to Miami in the finals, look for them to be the team to beat for the title this year.

Dirk Nowitzki should be the league MVP, period, paragraph, end of story.  Der Dirkmeister is the biggest non-superstar superstar the NBA has.  A recent story told by Chuck Cooperstein on ESPN 103.3 radio in Dallas told of Dirk helping unload bags from the team bus after arriving at a hotel in California.  I give Steve Nash his due, but this is Dirk's year.  And Nash's Suns aren't near as good a team as Dallas.

But that may be the point... "As good a team as Dallas."  The Mavericks play as a team, and win - night in and night out - as a team.  Jason Terry and Josh Howard are the two who typically light up the scoreboard with Dirk game after game - but this team plays as such.  You don't hear about problems in the locker room, or personality clashes that seem to rule the day for the Lakers, or Heat, or any team Allen Iverson plays for.

I'm not the biggest Mavs fan in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, indeed, I historically have wanted the Mavs to fall out of the post-season run early, because my Dallas Stars are a perennial playoff contenders.  Putting the basketball floor down over the ice at the AAC makes for less-than ideal playing conditions for the NHL.  So... sorry Mavs, you've needed to bow out so my Stars can play on a good sheet.

But with the success of late I've been watching the Mavs with more interest.  They are my favorite team in the NBA, but... well... basketball would be better if it were hockey.

Many people here forget who the last team to win a major championship was in this city... It was the Dallas Stars, who won the Stanley Cup in 1999.

But I don't think I'd terribly mind if Dirk and the Mavs took the title (that they should have won last year) this spring. I still want the Stars to win The Cup this year, but I can't stop watching to find out when, or if, the Mavericks are going to lose again.