NBA Trade Ideas: Why the Phoenix Suns Would Be Smart to Move Steve Nash

Nigel BroadnaxCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2011

NBA Trade Ideas: Why the Phoenix Suns Would Be Smart to Move Steve Nash

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    In his second stint with the Phoenix Suns of seven seasons, Steve Nash has cemented his legacy in the history of the franchise as well as become the current face of it. In that stretch he has collected the MVP award in back-to-back seasons, lead Phoenix to the Conference Finals in those same two seasons, lead the league in assists five times, and made five All-Star Games. He has given so much to them.

    But it may be time for them to cut ties with him, even with all that he means to the Suns. Here's why.

The Suns Aren't Contending Anytime Soon

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    The Suns missed the playoffs last season by six games. Even if they qualify next season, things won't be easy. The Lakers, Spurs, Thunder, and Mavericks are currently more prepared to win a title. And the Grizzles, Nuggets, and Clippers are improving rapidly.

    Phoenix is stuck in the middle of the pack right now. They aren't good enough to win it all, and are not in a position to dramatically improve this summer. They also are not bad enough to get a high lottery pick.

    Now is a good time to rebuild the team, and trading Steve Nash would be a start. Nash is still one of the premier point guards in the league, and there are some teams out there that would want him. The Suns could get nice value in return such as young talent as well as draft picks.

    Trading the Canada native would kick off the process that could possibly get them back to contention in a few years.

He's Not Getting Any Younger

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    Five months ago Steve Nash turned 37. With his intricate diet, which features no sugar, he has been able to prolong his All-Star caliber play. Even though he has defied the effects of aging thus far, can he really continue to do so for an extended amount of seasons?

    If the Suns keep him around to the point where he comparable to the present-day Mike Bibby, they will be in a tight position and will have wasted time. Right now he still has some value being a supreme level point guard and all, but he may not be that for too much longer.

    Once he starts to decline, teams will not be willing to give up as much in return as they would now. They don't want to be stuck with a broken Nash and a bad team in the future.

They Owe It to Him

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    Steve Nash has poured out his heart and soul to the Phoenix Suns franchise. He's played some remarkable basketball, suffered a number of injuries from sacrificing his body on the court, been a great teammate, and made the team as relevant as it has been since Charles Barkley was in town.

    Through everything he has been through and accomplished in 15 years as a pro, Nash still is without a championship. The Suns most likely cannot put him in a position to win one by keeping him around. And it's not completely fair to hold him back from getting what he deserves.

    Trading him to a team with a shot a landing a ring would repay him for all that he has done for Phoenix Suns basketball. Hanging on to him would waste what he has left in the tank on mediocre teams.