Michael Jordan and the Lords of the Rings: NBA Draft Picks That Didn't Miss

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Michael Jordan and the Lords of the Rings: NBA Draft Picks That Didn't Miss
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NBA dynasties have had one common characteristic:  They all had one major player that a franchise built a championship team around. 

The same can also be said for the mini-dynasty—a team that has won two NBA championships within a period of three or four years.

One way of acquiring such a player is through the NBA draft and the other is through free agency.

The selection criteria used to filter this list is simple:  Only franchise type players that have been part of a dynasty or a mini-dynasty AND who were acquired through the draft were considered.  This includes new draft picks that were traded to the future dynasty or mini-dynasty before playing a single game in the NBA.

Shaquille O’Neal, for example, does not make this list because he did not win any titles for the Orlando Magic.   

All of these stars are now considered amongst the greatest players of all time.

Every NBA fan can name a few of these franchise dynasty/mini-dynasty players off the top of their heads and the title player (Michael Jordan) is an obvious one, but how many of you can pick them all without looking?



Article Notes: 

  1. Article idea was provided by B/R commentator, Oshomha Obemeata.  It’s amazing how far and wide Bleacher Reports’ tentacles reach, where this idea originated (across the Atlantic Ocean) from the continent of Africa.
  2. I decided not to include the Minneapolis Lakers dynasty in the list because the NBA color barrier prevented African American integration into the league until 1950, at which time they had already won two championships.  I further decided to discount Minneapolis’ post integration championships (1952-1954) because the number of African American players in the NBA was still quite low.  My argument is that the teams in those years did not have the best overall players available because of the color barrier.
  3. All research information and statistics were taken from the Wikipedia page of each respective player.
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