NBA Trade Rumors: Why Andre Iguodala's Days with Philadelphia 76ers Are Numbered

Lake CruiseAnalyst IJuly 4, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: Why Andre Iguodala's Days with Philadelphia 76ers Are Numbered

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    How long before Philadelphia 76ers fans say bye-bye to Andre Iguodala?  It won't be until the lockout is over—if then—and the shutdown could bubble over into next year.

    For now, Iguodala remains a Sixer, but his days could be numbered.  Several factors could determine whether or not a deal goes down involving Philly's most active A.I.

    The way Andre probably feels, some (insert Eminem's chorus in the song Forgot About Dre) people in the City of (supposed) Brotherly Love forgot about him.  Those people could be the reason Dre isn't getting any sleep.

    Don't sleep on this countdown.  Join me for the entertaining an educational experience of your natural born lives, brothers and sisters.  You know the routine...Roll Dr. Dre/Eminem's audio and the (insert your own expletive since I don't cuss) graphics...

10. Evan Turner Can Become a Great Man-to-Man NBA Defender

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    The argument goes that the Sixers need Iguodala's defense, but if they can get Turner on the floor more, then he'll show he can defend. 

    Turner is intelligent and already a strong help defender.  Michael Jordan became a strong one-on-one defender, and Turner can, too, under Collins—Jordan's former head coach.

9. The 76ers PR Spin Says “We Want Andre”

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    Such a declaration as this headline's can be taken as either a vote of confidence, or a business move designed to make potential bidders more interested.  "We want Dre," Collins said, according to 

    No team, after all, wants a player who is unwanted by his current team.  And Collins planned to let Dre know in person.  Collins reportedly met with Iguodala in California before the lockout was imposed last week.  No news on if the meeting actually occurred, but I suspect it did.

    Collins and the Sixers could've undermined themselves, though, by also visiting Elton Brand and Jrue Holiday while the head coach was on the West Coast to see Iguodala.

    You be the judge.

8. Andre Iguodala Isn’t Sure He Wants to Play In the City of Brotherly Love

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    Judging by the aftermath of the Miami playoff loss ending the Sixers' 2010-11 season, Iguodala didn't exactly show he was keen on the idea of playing under the 76ers' arrangements.    

    According to InsideHoops,com, Andre was the only player to skip the exit interviews.  His excuse was a doctor’s appointment.

    Collins has definitely stated publicly that he wanted Andre back, but there was some doubt because of the organization's actions. 

    Speculation wasm Collins was going to tell Iguodala that all the pre-draft trade rumors didn't come from the Sixers, but team president Rod Thorn, who admitted he'd initiated some talks about Iguadala, according to the story linked in the previous slide. 

7. The 76ers Coaches and Front Office Aren’t Sure Themselves

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    Iguodala’s silence on whether or not he wants to stay in Philadelphia could be causing uncertainty on the part of the organization.  There appears to be mistrust on both sides of the ball.

    Andre may feel he's been loyal to the organization, but they betrayed him by drafting Evan Turner in 2010.  If so, Dre should get over his hurt feelings.  Drafting Turner, on the other hand, could be interpreted as a sign of the organizations uncertainty about Iggy's game.

    The 76ers need to hear Dre say he loves to ball in the City of Brotherly Love—and vice-versa.  Don't hold your breath for Cupid in the form of Iguodala to be shooting arrows, though.

6. Monta Ellis Fits Doug Collins’ Coaching Style More Than Iguodala Does

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    Collins loved coaching Jordan and Grant Hill in their primes and Jordan again at the end of his career in Washington.  In all three cases, Collins ran the offense through them on almost every possession.

    Hill was a magnificent scorer early in his career.  Monta Ellis provides much of the same type of offensive outburst as a young Hill. The Golden State Warriors have a jam at guard after drafting two of them.

    Ellis was consistently rumored to be in trade talks with the 76ers for Iguodala before the lockout.  Adding Ellis would give Doug Collins another player to fit his style—running the offense through a magnificently reliable scorer.

    Ellis is also an athletic defender, who has blazing speed, quickness and bounceability.

5. Andre Is Now Philadelphia’s 4th or 5th Offensive Option

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    Given the 2011 draft picks, in any given lineup, Dre could be bounced to the fourth—if not the fifth scoring option.  The Sixers have a center who can put the ball in the basket, and several other players who can get buckets at a better pace than Iguodala has shown over the years. 

    He’s a three-point shooting liability in most cases, and his mid-range game also leaves something to be desired.  He’s good at slashing to the rim, but he was nicked up and unable to show his explosiveness on offense.  Is Iguodala losing quickness?  The Sixers could think so.  Evan Turner is also every bit the passer and rebounder Iguodala is.

4. The Sixers Want More Value for the Money

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    Dre is a good passer and has value, even with a bloated max contract, but not the value Collins is accustomed to.  Michael Jordan was woefully underpaid for most of his career and Iguodala has been for most of his.

    Collins is a class act and cares about his players.

    The fact that the coach is going to the West Coast to talk to Iguodala appears to be the Sixers way of telling him how much they think of him as a person—considering all of the trade rumors.

3. The Sixers Claim They Aren’t Shopping Dre, Yet the Signals Got Mixed

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    "Nobody is out there shopping Dre," Collins said, according to the article from June 24.  The very public and adamant insistence is questionable to me.

    Team president Rod Thorn, left, isn't ignoring the ringing telephones, though, when other teams call asking about Dre's availability via swapping players—if the plethora of reports about trade rumors are true. 

    While Collins and Thorn probably won't fess up, they drafted Evan Turner No. 2 in 2010 for a reason.  They probably privately believe with Turner doing what he does, the Sixers could some season soon be shopping for championships rings.

2. It Depends on What "Is Shopping" Means

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    According to this BBC report, President Clinton once declared: “It depends on what “is” is.” 

    In this case, shopping can be semantics.  If one means actually going out and looking to buy, then he’s not being shopped—supposedly.  If it means contacting teams, again, a supposed double negative, or a single positive depending on your math skills.

    But if it means teams contact the organization offering deals, then that’s where semantics could kick in.  Confused?  So are we.  The PR spin could stem from the semantics.  I believe Philly’s front office wouldn’t mind moving Iguodala because they could get high value in return and already have Evan Turner. 

1. Evan Turner Needs Room to Become a Legitimate NBA All-Star

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    Anyone who doubts Evan Turner's game should ask NCAA authorities.  He wasn’t named Naismith Player of the Year for no good reason.  That is one award usually well-deserved.  Michael Jordan was once a recipient.

    Those who say Turner isn’t a good ball-handler, facilitator or defender must have not been fans of college basketball.  Turner’s game translates well to the NBA, especially his rebounding, but he can’t become the player the Sixers’ coaching staff drafted him to be with the current rotation arrangements.

    It could be possible for Iguodala and Turner to work together, though.  How?  Check out my next report to find out.  This is Lake Cruise...signing off.