NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Reasons the Atlanta Hawks Should Not Deal Josh Smith

Nigel Broadnax@@BroadnaxWritesCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Reasons the Atlanta Hawks Should Not Deal Josh Smith

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    Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith has been in trade rumors heavily since the playoffs. The seven-year high-flyer is obviously seen as expendable in the eyes of Hawks management.

    They are also looking to save some money by getting rid of his contract which is worth about $25.8 over the next two seasons.

    Despite what can be gained from trading the former Slam Dunk Contest champ, Atlanta should keep him around. Here's why.

Well Roundedness

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    Josh Smith is one of the league's most prolific stat-stuffers. He can put up points, rebounds, assists steals and blocks in bunches.

    He is a threat to put up a triple double every night. There are not many players who can put up big numbers in multiple statistical categories like he can.


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    Josh Smith is one of the more versatile defenders in the NBA. He is real long and agile which helps him defend a wide range of positions. Dealing him away would leave the Hawks less flexible on defense. They'll be without a guy who can contest shots at the rim, as well as someone who can pressure a ball handler.

The Best May Still Be Yet to Come

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    Josh Smith is already an extremely solid NBA player. But at only 25 1/2, he has much time to grow. He's still young enough to learn some new things that will make him better. Physically he is in his prime, but don't be surprised if he mentally matures and enhances his skills.

Probably Won't Help

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    Part of the Hawks' plan of trading Josh Smith is to get better. Any players they get in return probably Won't help them get any further in the playoffs than they have recently. The departure of Smith will take away all the good he provides for the Hawks as well as their current chemistry. They can find ways to  improve in other ways.