Chicago Bulls: 5 Ways They Can Overcome the Miami Heat Next Season

Steven Elonich@@TheMainSteventCorrespondent IJune 30, 2011

Chicago Bulls: 5 Ways They Can Overcome the Miami Heat Next Season

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    Last season, the Chicago Bulls finished with the top overall seed in the entire NBA heading into the playoffs. They went through a tough Indiana Pacer squad in five games, and finished off the Atlanta Hawks in six.

    Then the spotlight following the Miami Heat came strolling into the United Center before they were completely blasted in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. Things looked amazing for Chicago, as they hoped to continue their momentum.

    Unfortunately for Bulls fans, they didn't. Miami took the next four and ended the amazing Windy City run.

    Can the Bulls get past Miami this season? Here are five reasons why they can.

Close Out Games

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    The Bulls had a chance at winning every game between Game 2 and Game 5, but failed each time. Chicago led in the final five minutes of each of those games, but Miami knew when to put it in overdrive, and Chicago couldn't keep up.

    The Bulls, and especially Derrick Rose, need to learn to pace themselves so they can go all out at the end. They just didn't have the legs or manpower to handle Miami in the closing minutes.

Add Long Range Threats

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    Kyle Korver didn't cut it from long range and Keith Bogans didn't have near the offensive ability that a starting guard should.

    Korver disappeared when it mattered most, and the Bulls will be looking to add a new starting shooting guard to increase their offensive capability. This will allow them to spread the floor and give Derrick Rose more options to work with.

Increase Taj Gibson's Minutes

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    To put it simply, Taj Gibson outplayed Carlos Boozer in the playoffs.

    Should Gibson be starting? I'll leave that decision up to the coaching staff. However, he should definitely get more minutes next season, as he proved to be a strong defender and decent offensive threat.

    His electrifying dunks can be something to spark future victories as well.

Make a Big Deal

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    Is it currently likely the Bulls will make a deal for Howard? No.

    Is it possible? Certainly.

    If the Bulls put something such as Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, two first-round picks and a bench mob player up for grabs and are willing to take on an Orlando bad contract, the trade could possibly happen. This would definitely add a huge threat to the Bulls as Dwight Howard is the best big man in the NBA. He and Derrick Rose are already close, so that would not be an issue.

    This is just a dream for Chicago. At least right now.

Stay Out of the Spotlight

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    With the preseason predictions, party and "The Decision," Miami had a lot of coverage all season long. With constantly being viewed, comes pressure. Did the pressure get to LeBron James and Miami in the NBA Finals? It definitely could have factored into their defeat.

    As the Bulls sit right now, pressure is not something they need on top of the monumental task of beating the Heat in a seven-game series. Although being the higher seed, Chicago was not favored to win the series in the Eastern Conference finals. If they do become favorites, how will they handle it? It's just another factor in the already difficult job that lies ahead of them.