Is Evan Turner Prepared to have a Breakout Season with the Philadelphia 76ers?

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Is Evan Turner Prepared to have a Breakout Season with the Philadelphia 76ers?
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In the 2011 NBA season, Evan Turner didn't seem like a player worthy of the second pick. He averaged seven points, four rebounds and two assists in 23 minutes of play. Even the troublesome DeMarcus Cousins provided a better rookie year. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel for Evan. In fact, I expect him to improve a lot in the upcoming 2012 season.

Why will he be improving, you ask?

Andre Iguodala is on the verge of leaving the team. When Andre was injured, Evan Turner really shined. He recorded a double-double against the New York Knicks, and a career high 23 points against the Phoenix Suns.

Turner even has shown to have clutch moments. He isn't going to become a double-double machine in this upcoming season. He's not going to average more then 20 points either.

So what's going to happen to Turner?

He's going to keep improving. In this coming season, Turner is going to average twice what he did this season, along with an extra rebound and two assists. That stat line is going to be around 15 points, five rebounds and four assists. On the defensive side, he's going to average around a steal a game. With Evan Turner running on all cylinders, the rest of the team will follow, and the young-willed 76ers will improve their record by five games.

Now, you may be asking yourself why I'm so sure about this NBA sophomore.

The truth is, I'm not sure. I honestly could be wrong about all this. Evan Turner could sputter and not improve whatsoever. He could regress. However, after watching him play, I have strong faith in his development. Kobe Bryant also averaged 8 points and shot about 42 percent from the field in his rookie season. I'm not comparing the two, I'm just saying don't count out the second-year 76er just yet.

The Philadelphia 76ers are a team with a bright future, and young talented players. Evan Turner's less than spectacular play this season can be excused, mostly because the team was still led by Andre Iguodala. Once he gets traded, Evan Turner will have a chance to prove his worth to the team and replace Iguodala.

The question is, will he?

For me at least, I think Evan Turner will shine. However, only time will tell. If Turner really wants to prove himself, there is only one way. On the basketball court.

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