Cory Joseph Is Better Fit with Tony Parker Than George Hill Was for Spurs

Joye Pruitt@joyethewarSenior Analyst IJune 27, 2011

San Antonio Express-News, Edward Ornelas
San Antonio Express-News, Edward Ornelas

Josh Selby announced that he would be entering the NBA draft after only a single season with the Kansas Jayhawks, minus nine games due to a suspension at the beginning of the year.

I sat back in my computer chair and scratched my head to the tune of “This guy is absolutely out of his mind if he thinks he is prepared to play in a professional league when he has yet to prove himself at the NCAA level.” Not only did the world not see the same young man they had before his entry to the university, but he was a bargain brand version of his high school self.

Cory Joseph, on the other hand, made one of the best decisions of his life, coming out of Texas early and entering himself into this year’s draft.

That was made all the more apparent when he was selected in the first round by the San Antonio Spurs at the 29th pick. Joseph may not be the same-ranked caliber that Tony Parker is, but he does not need to be. Joseph will be the yin to Parker’s yang, unlike what George Hill was incapable of doing.

The kid was a great addition to the roster, but the Spurs are not looking to get rid of Parker anytime soon. Their games tend to slide on one another’s toes too often for the union to last for too long.

Joseph is more of a shooting point guard. Even though the college three-point line is visibly shorter in distance from the hoop than the arc in the NBA, Joseph showed a know-how to shoot the pull up, averaging 41.3 percent in three-point field goals.

He will shoot the three more often than Parker ever has, seeing as how Parker likes to shift to his right and trip his opponents up on his way to the basket.

George Hill, who Parker never seemed too fond of in the first place, slipped up too many times this season. Despite this, San Antonio experienced a slow rise and short fall to second-best record in the league at 61-21.

He only scored six points in 39 minutes in the last game of the Spurs’ postseason in Game 6 against the younger Memphis Grizzlies. We, as fans, expected so much more from George Hill this season and were consistently disappointed with his efforts.

Maybe a change of scenery will reveal the naked truth about his talents. No pun intended.