2011 NBA Draft Results: Demetri McCamey and 10 Top Undrafted Players

Ian Hanford@Ian_HanfordFeatured ColumnistJune 27, 2011

2011 NBA Draft Results: Demetri McCamey and 10 Top Undrafted Players

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    The 2011 NBA Draft has come and gone.

    Sixty players were selected, while others have been left on the outside looking in.

    Some of these players will have a chance to be signed as undrafted free agents, but some are simply not skilled enough to cut it at the next level.

    Out of all the undrafted players, some are skilled, and some are destined to be glue guys in the NBA.

    Here are the 10 top undrafted players from the 2011 NBA Draft.

Rick Jackson

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    Rick Jackson was the 2010 Big East Defensive Player of the Year.

    He was a four year contributor for the Syracuse Orange, and continued to get better as his career went on.

    Jackson is known for his defense and his great hands on the glass, but he also managed to develop a solid back to the basket offensive repertoire.

    What Jackson lacks in skill, he makes up for with heart. He is not skilled enough to play power forward in the NBA, and is too small to play center, but Jackson has a nose for the ball.

    Jackson is a solid player who could find his way onto an NBA bench through free agency.

Malcolm Delaney

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    Malcolm Delaney was a constant presence in the Virginia Tech Hokies backcourt throughout his career.

    He finished second all-time in assists, and third all-time in scoring for his Hokies by the end of his career.

    Delaney has the size at 6'3'', and he should have been taken in the draft.

    Maybe it is a conspiracy, what with the Hokies being snubbed from the tournament, and now Delaney being left off the list of draftees.

    He has an all-around game on offense and also knows how to find open teammates. He is a veteran, and also has the size to compete in an NBA backcourt.

    Delaney may not have the upside of a Brandon Knight, but his numbers in college speak for themselves.

Jamie Skeen

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    Jamie Skeen was virtually unknown before Shaka Smart and VCU decided to make the most improbable of runs in March.

    Skeen was a major cog in that run.

    Headlined by a 26-point performance against Kansas, Skeen proved he has a very underrated offensive game.

    He can score in the paint or he can stretch the defense with his faceup and shooting ability. He could contribute as a stretch four at the next level.

    His length and athleticism allows him to rebound and play defense well.

    Skeen still suffers from being unknown and overlooked. But make no mistake, after the draft, NBA general managers will be looking to fill more holes on their squads.

    Look for Skeen to get a call before next season.

Lacedarius Dunn

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    Lacedarius Dunn, despite numerous off the court issues, left Baylor as the Big 12's all-time leading scorer.

    Yet Dunn still went undrafted.

    Dunn can score from anywhere on the floor, and has the confidence to put up a shot at any time.

    He may not be a well-rounded player, but he could be instant offense for a team needing help in the backcourt.

    Scoring is always needed on the bench. Dunn may not provide much else, but he can score with the best of them.

    With the right coaching and the right system, he could turn into a fine all-around player.

Malcolm Thomas

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    Malcolm Thomas was one of many athletes for the San Diego State Aztecs in 2010.

    He provides an aggressive presence defensively in the paint, and also is tenacious in cleaning up the glass.

    Thomas is not extremely developed on offense, but his athleticism and hard-working attitude leave room for growth.

    Thomas could provide great energy off the bench. He does not back down and his aggressive mentality could translate into minutes off an NBA bench.

    Whether it is at small forward or power forward, look for Thomas to sign with an NBA team before all is said and done.

Scotty Hopson

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    Scotty Hopson has a ton of potential, if he can get out of his own way.

    Hopson could never quite get his head to play the game as well as his physical tools on the court woudld suggest.

    However, Hopson could prove to be an asset to an NBA team willing to take a chance on the athletic guard.

    Hopson definitely needs some work, whether it be overseas or in the D-League. He needs this time to not only work on his game, but to figure out if basketball is going to be his career of choice.

    If he works things out, Hopson's slashing ability and pure athleticism could definitely translate to the next level.

    If not, he could be another blue-chip recruit to fall from grace.

Matt Howard

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    Before Butler's back-to-back national title appearances, Matt Howard was a virtually unknown Horizon League Player of the Year.

    Now, Howard is seen as an undersized and underskilled forward who does the little things right.

    Howard plays hard, rebounds well, and has improved his perimeter shot.

    He does the dirty work down low, and is not afraid to mix it up with anyone underneath.

    Howard may lack size and the strength needed to muscle up with NBA bigs, but he is a scrappy enough player to compete.

    He may never cut it in the NBA, but he is worth a shot in training camp.

Jacob Pullen

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    Few players were as successful by themselves as Jacob Pullen was for Kansas State.

    Pullen may be undersized, but he managed to take the Wildcats to the NCAA Tournament in 2010, mostly by himself.

    He is a streaky but capable perimeter shooter, and has the quickness needed to attack the rim.

    Pullen's main strength, however, comes from within. He has tremendous heart and drive. He knows what it takes to close out games and loves to take big shots at the biggest times.

    Pullen will never be an NBA superstar, but he could be a leader and a locker room presence. He knows what it takes to win with less, and that is a rare and valuable asset.

David Lighty

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    David Lighty is a classic example of a player who does a lot well, but nothing spectacular.

    Lighty is a good defender on and off the ball. He uses his length and strength to body up with smaller offensive players. He is also a solid rebounder because of his reasonable size for his position.

    He is a solid shooter, and once again, has the size needed to attack the rim on offense.

    Lighty's biggest knock is his lack of pure athleticism. However, this will not prevent him from being a key role player at the next level.

    He has the mindset and skill set needed to be a very important player for a playoff team.

    Think James Posey for the Boston Celtics' title teams.

Demetri McCamey

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    Demetri McCamey will find his way onto an NBA team because he plays a very important position.

    A point guard with good size, McCamey was a very successful player for the Fighting Illini.

    He is a true point guard and knows how to find his teammates for good looks on offense.

    He can score from inside or outside and is also a solid rebounder in the backcourt.

    McCamey could provide depth for a team starving for backcourt help. This could allow him to stay in the state of Illinois.

    He could be a player many teams regret passing on.