2011 NBA Mock Draft: Bismack Biyombo Highlights and Pro Projections

Wes ODonnellFeatured ColumnistJune 23, 2011

"I just wanted to play ball and enjoy the week. What I said to myself is: 'This is my first visit to the United States. People need to know, who is Bismack?' "

That was the answer Bismack "The Business" Biyombo, a.k.a. "B-Smack", gave to Davy Rothbart of Grantland.com when asked about the Nike Hoops Summit in his interview with the site.

And since that time "B-Smack" has become very well known to the American public, well, at least to those who follow NBA basketball.

The Congolese native is, without question, the most intriguing prospect in the entire draft. There are other compelling stories, Jeremy Tyler and Jimmy Butler certainly come to mind, but they're not legitimate top 10 prospects in this draft, "B-Smack" is.

His age - 18-years old - has been questioned constantly and at 6'9", 243-pounds, with the maturity and leadership skills of a man twice his age, it's hard not to see where those concerns come from.

But tonight it will all be settled when an NBA team calls his name and he walks up to shake hands with a man nearly a foot smaller than him.

"The Business" isn't satisfied with just being drafted though, he has big plans, and he told them to NBA.com's Scott Howard-Cooper:

So, do you believe you will lead the NBA in blocks?

"I do."

Will you lead the NBA in blocks?


Can you lead the NBA in rebounding?

"Yes, I will."

You will lead the NBA in rebounding?

"Yes. Of course. Hundred percent."

"I don't care how tough people are over there. I don't care how strong they play over there. I know that I'm strong, too. I know that I'm tough, too. I never let people just beat me easy. They're going after me and I'm going to go after them." 

There's a lot to love about "B-Smack The Business" Biyombo, and if you don't believe me just watch his highlight film. He's coming, the question is, are you ready?

NBA Mock Draft Projections:

1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving
2. Minnesota Timberwolves: Derrick Williams
3. Utah Jazz: Enes Kanter
4. Cleveland Cavaliers: Jan Vesely
5. Toronto Raptors: Kemba Walker
6. Washington Wizards: Tristan Thompson
7. Sacramento Kings: Brandon Knight
8. Detroit Pistons: Kawhi Leonard
9. Charlotte Bobcats: Bismack Biyombo
10. Milwaukee Bucks: Klay Thompson
11. Golden State Warriors: Jonas Valanciunas
12. Utah Jazz: Jimmer Fredette
13. Phoenix Suns: Alec Burks
14. Houston Rockets: Nikola Vucevic
15. Indiana Pacers: Marcus Morris
16. Philadelphia 76ers: Jordan Hamilton
17. New York Knicks: Chris Singleton
18. Washington Wizards: Iman Shumpert
19. Charlotte Bobcats: Marshon Brooks
20. Minnesota Timberwolves: Donatas Motiejunas
21. Portland Trail Blazers: Markieff Morris
22. Denver Nuggets: Kenneth Faried
23. Houston Rockets: Tobias Harris
24. Oklahoma City Thunder: Kyle Singler
25. Boston Celtics: JaJuan Johnson
26. Dallas Mavericks: Nikola Mirotic
27. New Jersey Nets: Justin Harper
28. Chicago Bulls: Josh Selby
29. San Antonio Spurs: Davis Bertans
30. Chicago Bulls: Tyler Honeycutt