2011 NBA Draft: Is Kyrie Irving the Right Fit for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Evan LaFranceContributor IIIJune 23, 2011

ANAHEIM, CA - MARCH 24:  Derrick Williams #23 of the Arizona Wildcats goes up for the ball against Kyrie Irving #1 of the Duke Blue Devils during the west regional semifinal of the 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament at the Honda Center on March 24, 2011 in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Tonight, NBA teams will draft young college kids hoping that a future star has been found. No team needed the first overall pick more than the struggling Cleveland Cavaliers.

Ever since July 8, 2010, the Cavs went from powerhouse of the East to bottom feeder. Fans have expressed their hatred for LeBron all year. In fact, many have put so much effort into hating "The King" that they have actually forgotten about their beloved franchise to begin with.

I don't blame them. It was a lot more fun to join the rest of America and cheer against LeBron, Wade, and Bosh than to watch the Cavaliers lose every night.

When Cleveland was informed that they would receive the first pick in the 2011 draft, it finally brought a tiny bit of hope to the entire city. Maybe they could finally move on, and the fans could cheer for a new star.

However, this draft has been considered one of the weakest in recent memory, and most analysts will agree that there are only two players that are studs: Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams. It is not official, but most people have been saying for weeks that Cleveland will start the rebuilding process by selecting Irving, a point guard out of Duke.

While Irving is an outstanding player, one must wonder if this is the correct pick for the Cavs. Three point guards (Baron Davis, Ramon Sessions and Daniel Gibson) are already on the roster. While none of them are as talented as Irving, Cleveland's biggest need is in a different position.

Small forward. LeBron's old stomping grounds.

Alonzo Gee averaged 5.9 points last season, along with about three rebounds and one assist. Gee might be young, but it's obvious he is not going to be a star in this league. An upgrade would benefit the organization.

Derrick Williams, who is considered a "tweener" and could play the 3 or the 4, fits the Cavs' most glaring need. He brings talent, star potential, and hope to the city. He has stated time after time that he wants to be a star in this league and he'll do anything to prove it.

Williams wants to succeed at the highest level. He wants the spotlight and the pressure. With this type of attitude, he could be Cleveland's "Anti-LeBron." The hatred will continue in the Cleveland until they have a hero to cheer for once again.

With Williams taken, David Kahn cannot take a point guard, especially after the Flynn-Rubio draft. It would make sense for the Wolves to take Enes Kanter for their center. The Jazz would then have the best point guard in the draft fall right into their laps and take Irving. The Cavaliers could then select another point guard with great upside in Brandon Knight or even Kemba Walker.

Kyrie Irving is a great player, and if he is selected by the Cavs, he will give the fans something to cheer for. If Cleveland decides to take Derrick Williams instead, they'll get a great player as well.

In the long run, what would be better? Kyrie Irving and possibly Enes Kanter or Jonas Valanciunas? Or would Derrick Williams and Brandon Knight sound better?

Both are great players. As a Duke fan, I really like Irving. However, it should make more sense for the Cavs to take Williams and fill the point guard need later.