Jimmer Fredette Is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity for the Utah Jazz

Scott LambsonContributor IIIJune 18, 2011

Was John Stockton our last hope?

No, there is another.

Come draft day, the Utah Jazz had better find a way to acquire the state of Utah's most decorated collegiate player in history, in the personage of Jimmer Fredette.

If they don't?

Well, maybe they'll have another chance at something this rare in, say, another 75 years.

It just so happens that the stars have aligned in 2011 for the Jazz to land a player who, if nothing else, will create more excitement in Utah since John Stockton sent the Utah Jazz to the NBA finals in 1997. Which, if your counting at home, was nearly 15 years ago. The entire life span of most dogs.

There are a myriad of ways in which the Jazz can land The Jimmer Show. They can be really safe and just take him with the third pick, they can trade down to the sixth or seventh pick and snatch him there, they can also arrange a draft day trade for Jimmer, or they can cross their fingers and hope he is still available at No. 12.

One thing I can promise you is that if Jimmer is available at 12 and the Jazz pass on him twice, GM Kevin O'Connor will never have another friend in Utah ever again.

In fact, you will have Jazz fans who never return to the ESA ever again.

In all reality, if the Jazz pass on him with the third pick and Jimmer is taken before the Jazz can select again at No. 12, O'Connor will still never find another friend in Utah.

The bottom line is that O'Connor must find a way to land the Jimmer Show.

Look, I'm not here to make a statistical case for Jimmer or to break down each player in the draft. I mean everybody is a potential risk, right?

Even No. 1 picks have a history of going sour.

Who knows who will have the most impact on the league?

Drafting Jimmer is simply a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that the Jazz can't pass on. If the pick goes sour let it be Fredette that sours it, not anybody named Knight, Kanter, or Singleton.

Why not?

Honestly, Brandon Knight, Enes Kanter, and Chris Singleton are not going to interest Jazz fans or make the Jazz an overnight contender.

What true Jazz fan is going to get hyped on Brandon Knight when they can buy a Fredette Jazz jersey instead?



To be fair, The Jimmer will not make the Jazz an overnight contender either, but he'll certainly make Jazz fans happy.

And that's all any die hard Jazz fan wants, something to be happy about.

And let's be honest, Jazz fans need something to be happy about. Not since Stockton and Malone have true Jazz fans had any real reason to be excited.

The D-Will-Boozer show was worse than watching Jaws 2, it was a bad sequel to the two Hall of Fame originals.

However, Jimmer is like a reboot. We now understand we can't replace the original, and the sequels have become so bad; we just need a reboot.

Heck, it worked for Star Trek, why can't it work for the Jazz?

Who better to reboot a Utah franchise than Jimmer Fredette?

The funny thing about Jimmer is that he is already a mega-star. He just has to bring his show 45 miles north to the ESA, and put his star on the marquee.

He is as famous in Utah right now as John Stockton and Karl Malone were in their prime. That's saying something.

Actually, that's a lot more than just saying something, that's flat-out phenomenal.

So why would the Jazz pass on Fredette?

Not good enough?

Baloney, his stock is soaring in the pre-draft workouts, he's out-shining the likes of Kemba Walker and Brandon Knight in several workouts.

Not strong enough?

Hogwash, he's lifting the same as D-Will was when he came out of Illinois.

Look, there is no reason why Jazz fans shouldn't be able to go get their Fredette Jazz gear the morning after the draft.

The Jazz are in prime position to grab him. If they don't, it will be the biggest draft day letdown since the Indiana Pacers passed on Steve Alford and nabbed Reggie Miller.

But let's not pretend Brandon Knight is the next Reggie Miller.

If the Jazz pass on Fredette, and say the Knicks or Kings snatch him up, the Jazz can say goodbye to thousands of current and potential fans who will be tuning into Knicks or Kings games for the next several years.

In my opinion, Jimmer is the second coming of John Stockton, not in style of play but in demeanor.

Jimmer will become the face of the franchise, something Knight, Kanter, Singleton, D-Will, or Millsap could never be.

Simply put, Jimmer will make being a Jazz fan fun again.

Aren't Jazz games supposed to be fun?

Didn't we used to have fun watching John Stockton?

We never won a title, but those two decades watching the John Stockton show were the greatest.

Was John Stockton our last hope?

No, there is another.