NBA Draft 2011: The Chicago Bulls and 5 Teams That Could Trade into the Lottery

Ally Williams@@itsallyduhhCorrespondent IJune 15, 2011

NBA Draft 2011: The Chicago Bulls and 5 Teams That Could Trade into the Lottery

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    Even though the 2011 NBA Draft is only a week away, most teams still have no idea who they will be choosing in the first round.

    Some teams have their first picks in the end of the first round, others have to wait until the second.

    One thing is for sure, though: the order of the picks on draft day will not be exactly the same as it is today. Several teams may make a push to trade up and get a lottery pick.

    These are five of those possible teams.

Portland Trail Blazers

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    The Trail Blazers currently have the 21st pick, but are rumored to be trying to move up in the draft to get a point guard like UConn’s Kemba Walker.

    If they try to organize a trade, it may include Andre Miller and Portland’s No. 21 pick for some team’s player and top-seven pick.

Los Angeles Lakers

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    The Lakers have no picks in the first round. However, with players like point guard Derek Fisher getting older, and then being swept in the playoffs, they need to start looking for new, younger players.

    The Minnesota Timberwolves have been trying to shop around their No. 2 pick, and while it’s unlikely the Lakers will be willing to trade someone like Pau Gasol for the pick, they might have some other plans to get into the lottery.

Indiana Pacers

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    The Pacers are one spot out of the lottery. They are another team that may make an offer for Minnesota’s No. 2 pick.

    Since their pick is barely past the lottery, they may have an easier time trading to get ahead.

    Danny Granger had been mentioned as possible trade bait, but nothing much has come of that lately.

San Antonio Spurs

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    A couple weeks ago, the Spurs had a sit-down interview with Enes Kanter.

    While no one should read too much into that, it deserves to be mentioned that the Spurs are going to need a future center to replace Tim Duncan.

    Kanter will probably be taken too early for the Spurs to take him. If San Antonio can make a deal with either the Timberwolves or another team willing to trade a lottery pick, they have a better chance at selecting a big guy that will help them out sooner, rather than later.

Chicago Bulls

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    The Bulls have the 28th and 30th picks in the first round. By that time, whatever potential difference-makers there are in the draft will be gone and the Bulls will settle with whatever available shooting guard they can grab.

    That is, unless, they try to make a deal to move up in the order. According to Chad Ford, Chicago really likes Klay Thompson, and they may try to do something to get him.