Ricky Rubio: Is He Coming or Are There Questions About His Future in Minnesota?

Timber WolfAnalyst IIJune 15, 2011

Ricky Rubio has made some comments very recently regarding his future in the NBA and joining the Minnesota Timberwolves.

"We are talking with Barcelona and we will soon see," Rubio said after Barcelona beat Bilbao for the Spanish league title Tuesday night.

The Associated Press announced much earlier in the month that Ricky Rubio had already signed a contract that would allow him to make the jump to the NBA. The Star Tribune, ESPN, the NBA and multiple media outlets and various tweets also reported the same information.

Ricky Rubio's tenure with Barcelona has finally come to an end, as they won the ACB finals in a sweep to add yet another trophy to Rubio's case.

Rubio said he was "very happy" after Barcelona won the Spanish league title, according to the Spanish publication Mundo Deportivo.

"This title is the most widely appreciated. At last I have it and we must all be proud of it," said Rubio.

What I take from the comments are that emotions are very high right now, the team is probably still celebrating their victory and it would be very awkward for him to announce anything regarding his future in the NBA.

Emotions are very high right now for Ricky Rubio. He's a 20 year old point guard who has won just about every trophy you can win overseas. He's a winner, and he doesn't get tired of winning.

With that being said however, I think you have to take his comments with a grain of salt. Competitively, Rubio wants to play in the NBA, he has stated that it is his dream. He hasn't said anything negative of the Timberwolves, and because David Kahn and Ricky Rubio have agreed not to say anything regarding his future, I imagine that nothing will be announced until Rubio is actually introduced in Minnesota.

There are some questions that you can ask regarding the buyout situation though.

There has been speculation that Barca and Kahn have to finalize everything through the FIBA, and that if this hasn't been taken care of prior to May. 31, than David Kahn is still the idiot that people make him to be.

It's hard to imagine that this hasn't been taken care of. Despite Kahn making questionable decisions left and right, I think this isn't an issue.

Remember, David Kahn has a law degree from New York University. He worked for Proskauer Rose LLP, the law firm that represents the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL in all their legal matters for several years. If anyone knows contractual situations, it has to be him. Right?

I think the discussions are more about how they are going to handle the buyout, and how they are to announce to the public that Ricky Rubio is leaving.

Rubio does have a long contract with Barcelona, but until there is some proof that Rubio isn't coming, his future isn't in question. All the same sources were the same ones claiming that Rubio said negative things, when it proved to be falsified.

I still expect to see Rubio in a Timberwolves jersey. And yes, this year.

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