2011 NBA Draft: 5 Players the 76ers Should Draft

Zach HerringCorrespondent IIJune 14, 2011

2011 NBA Draft: 5 Players the 76ers Should Draft

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    With the 2011 NBA Draft just nine days away, the bigger buzz surrounding the 76ers seems to be the trade rumors. But let’s take a look at five guys who would be great choices for the 76ers with their 16th overall pick.

    (These players are in no order of best choice to least.)


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Bismack Biyombo, Congo

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    Biyombo is known for being a great shot blocker and a fantastic athlete. Biyombo is easily the best defender in this year’s draft. Although Biyombo did not impress NBA scouts at the 2011 Adidas Eurocamp, he is still a good choice for the 76ers.

    Biyombo definitely has an NBA body and a crazy wingspan at 7'6". Philly is looking for a post presence, and while Biyombo doesn’t have a good jump shot, he has the speed to get past some of the league’s bigger power forwards.

    With Biyombo, Philly could look to steal a higher spot in the playoffs next year.

Jordan Hamilton, Texas

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    Hamilton would be a great addition. Especially if Iguodala is traded after all. Hamilton could step in and possibly take the starting spot at the small forward position.

    A definite shooter, Hamilton has great range and can run the floor very well. Although he can get a bit selfish at times Hamilton should settle down with his shot selection once he’s in the NBA.

    Hamilton should look to improve is lateral quickness and work on becoming a better passer. Hamilton has a great scoring punch that Philly definitely could use. He works hard on defense as well, pulling down about eight rebounds per game last season for Texas.

Tristan Thompson, Texas

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    Another product of Texas, Thompson, if he is still left at 16, would be a promising pick for the 76ers.

    Thompson is a monster on the offensive boards and is also another great athlete for the 76ers to choose from. Thompson could give the 76ers a scoring punch along with a nice defensive strong point as well.

    Chances are that Thompson will not be left when the 76ers are on the clock, but who knows!

Markieff Morris, Kansas

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    One of the hardest working players in the draft, Morris would be a great fit in Philly. He can rebound, score, and he works really hard in the paint.

    If the 76ers were to draft Morris, I think they would find themselves in the playoffs next year. He could be that piece that they need to move forward to better things.

Kenneth Faried, Morhead State

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    Known easily as the best rebounder in the draft, Faried is a monster. Since a sophomore at Morehead State, Faried averaged 13-plus rebounds per game for three straight seasons.

    In his senior season, he averaged an amazing 14.5 rebounds per game. And he isn’t just a rebound; shot-blocking and scoring are also strong points of Faried’s.

    Philly could definitely use Faried’s rebound skills.