NBA Finals 2011: Dallas Mavericks, Each Player's Future

Orrie SielaffCorrespondent IJune 15, 2011

NBA Finals 2011: Dallas Mavericks, Each Player's Future

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    The Dallas Mavericks were not the most talented team in the playoffs. They certainly were far outmatched talent-wise by their Eastern Conference counterparts, the Miami Heat.  

    However, the Mavs won the series through perseverance and teamwork. Their team had excellent chemistry and the entire roster from top to bottom had a great thirst for a championship trophy.  

    The offseason has officially arrived. Changes will come to each NBA team's roster over the next few months via the NBA Draft and free agency.  Hopefully the labor situation is settled and there will not be a lockout.  

    Here is a quick look at each player on the Dallas Mavericks roster and my predictions for what might happen next year.  

Jose Juan Barea

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    Barea's significance greatly increased throughout the season and into the playoffs. He was an integral part of the Mavs offense during the NBA Finals.  

    Status: Unrestricted free agent

    Next Year: Barea will no doubt be sought out by other teams, but I believe he will return to Dallas, as he has become a fan favorite and his role has steadily increased.  

Rodrigue Beaubois

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    Beaubois was injured the entire year. He did not play significant minutes this year, but the Mavs love his potential and he will play an important role next season.  

    Status: Under contract

    Next Year: Beaubois will be counted on to play fairly significant minutes next season at point guard (depending on Kidd's status). His athleticism will give the Mavs another solid guard.  

Corey Brewer

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    Brewer did not play much, if at all, in the playoffs. At this point, he is bench depth, but he is still young enough to further develop as a player.  

    Status: Under contract

    Next Year: It will be difficult for Brewer to make the roster. I do not think he will be back next season with the Mavs.  

Caron Butler

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    Butler had a season-ending injury and did not play the majority of the year.  

    Status: Unrestricted free agent

    Next Year: Butler's knee will limit his value on the market. I see him returning to the Mavs and playing significant minutes, perhaps even starting.  

Brian Cardinal

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    Cardinal was seldom used during the season, but had a few solid contributions in the playoffs.  

    Status: Unrestricted free agent

    Next Year: Cardinal is not exactly a hot commodity. He's also old, but cheap. Dallas will re-sign him as a bench depth option.  

Tyson Chandler

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    Chandler was pivotal down the stretch for Dallas. He was a big difference-maker in the Finals and probably put Dallas over the top.  

    Status: Unrestricted free agent

    Next Year: Re-signing Chandler is Dallas' top offseason priority. I don't see him going anywhere else.   

Brendan Haywood

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    Injury limited Haywood during the Finals, but he played a key role off the bench for the Mavs all season.  

    Status: Under contract

    Next Year: Barring any unforeseen developments, Haywood will return to the Mavs and play significantly off the bench, providing defense and rebounding for the Champs.  

Domonique Jones

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    The rookie played very sparingly for the Mavs (18 games), but is young and raw. He may see increased minutes next season, but they will be hard to come by.  

    Status: Under contract 

    Next Season: Stays with the team. Jones is a raw talent that the Mavs would like to develop further.   

Jason Kidd

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    One of the Mavs team captains, Kidd improved his three-point shooting and helped facilitate the offense. His exploits are well-known.  

    Status: Under contract 

    Next Year: 2011-12 is Kidd's last year in his current deal, and he will finish it with the Mavs. He may not see as many minutes next year with Beaubois returning. If Barea returns, Kidd's minutes will also likely dip.  

Ian Mahinmi

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    Mahinmi was pretty far down on the rotation this season, with plenty of big men in front of him. He is a young talent that the Mavs consider a project.  

    Status: Under contract

    Next Year: Stays with the team. Mark Cuban tweeted that Mahinmi wants to return, which seems to be a good omen for his chances of sticking around. Playing time, however, will again be scarce.  

Shawn Marion

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    Marion starts at small forward for Dallas and provides excellent defense and versatility. He chips in with a little more than 10 PPG.  

    Status: Under contract

    Next Year: Marion will be back with the Mavs. He may not start next season if Caron Butler returns.  

Dirk Nowitzki

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    The Finals MVP is finally an NBA champ. The leader of the Mavs is at the top of his game and will be Dallas' main weapon again.  

    Status: Under contract 

    Next Year: I expect Nowitzki to finish his career in Dallas. He will again be the main offensive option for Dallas next year and a likely MVP candidate.  

DeShawn Stevenson

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    Stevenson hit some key shots for the Mavs in the playoffs. His defense on Lebron James and other top-wing players was good for Dallas. Defense and outside shooting is what he brings to the table.  

    Status: Unrestricted free agent

    Next Year: There will be some interest in Stevenson from teams this offseason. I think the Mavs will find an upgrade for Stevenson, unless they can retain him at a reasonable price.  

Peja Stojakovic

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    Stojakovic played sparingly this season due to injury and old age in general. He barely played in the NBA Finals versus the Heat. He can still shoot the three when he's feeling it, but he's clearly on his last leg.  

    Status: Unrestricted free agent

    Next Year: Does not stay with the team. The Mavs can find a better option for Stojakovic's abilities.  

Jason Terry

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    Terry is a key cog in the Mavs offense. He is the second option behind Nowitzki. His excellent play in the latter games of the NBA Finals was a key reason for Dallas winning the series.  

    Status: Under ontract

    Next Year: The Jet will certainly return and play a key role once again for Dallas. Like Nowitzki, he is likely to finish his career in Dallas.  

Coach Rick Carlisle

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    Carlisle finally won a ring. He was no doubt a crucial part of the Mavs' success. He would not let his team give up when they found themselves in deep holes in numerous playoff games.  

    Status: Under contract

    Next Year: Carlisle will certainly be the coach of the Mavs for the foreseeable future.