2011 NBA Mock Draft: Kemba Walker vs. Jimmer Fredette and 4 Things To Watch for

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIJune 13, 2011

2011 NBA Mock Draft: Kemba Walker vs. Jimmer Fredette and 4 Things To Watch for

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    The 2011 NBA draft will be underway a week from this Thursday, and as always will have people wondering why teams make the choices that they do.

    There are a lot of things to look forward to in the first round.

    Here is a rundown of my first-round mock.

    1. Cleveland: Kyrie Irving
    2. Cleveland: Derrick Williams
    3. Utah: Enes Kanter
    4. Minnesota: Jay Vesely
    5. Toronto: Kemba Walker
    6. Washington: Tristan Thompson
    7. Sacramento: Jonas Valanciunas
    8. Detroit: Brandon Knight
    9. Charlotte: Kawhi Leonard
    10. Milwaukee: Marcus Morris
    11. Golden State: Jordan Hamilton
    12. Utah: Alec Burks
    13. Phoenix: Jimmer Fredette
    14. Houston: Tobias Harris 
    15. Indiana: Klay Thompson
    16. Philadelphia: Markieff Morris
    17. New York: Kenneth Faried
    18. Washington: Marshon Brooks
    19. Charlotte: JaJuan Johnson
    20. Minnesota: Bismack Biyombo
    21. Portland: Norris Cole
    22. Denver: Tyler Honeycutt
    23. Houston: Nikola Vucevic
    24. Oklahoma City: Nolan Smith
    25. Boston: Nikola Mirotic
    26. Dallas: Josh Selby
    27. New Jersey: Chris Singleton
    28. Chicago: Shelvin Mack
    29. San Antonio: Jon Leuer
    30. Chicago: Kyle Singler

    Four stories that will play out during the draft will be analyzed in the following list.

Minnesota Timberwolves and Cleveland Cavaliers Trade

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    The signing of Ricky Rubio has given the Minnesota Timberwolves more of a push to make a trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    Cleveland wants the second pick in the draft and are willing to make offers and try to pull in teams like the Detroit Pistons to make the deal happen.

    This rumor and deal will be restarted prior to the draft because all of the teams have things to offer.

    Detroit will get more cap space and help them in their rebuilding process over the next few seasons.

    Cleveland will make a huge step in the right direction with their own rebuilding by getting the first pick. This will allow them to pick up a point guard for the future in Kyrie Irving and a talented young prospect such as Derrick Williams to be a future star.

    The Timberwolves can get a veteran scorer to add to their squad that badly needs it. This could come in the form of Tayshaun Prince or Ben Gordon.

    Ben Gordon will be the better addition if they can get him. He is a strong veteran presence that will help guide the development of Ricky Rubio and help him transition to the NBA.

Kemba Walker Versus Jimmer Fredette

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    Jimmer Fredette won the Naismith College Player of the Year award for 2011 season. He also scored on command and made Brigham Young University a true contender in 2011.

    Fredette’s feats gained him praise from the likes of Kevin Durant who called him the “best scorer in the world”. This is an amazing compliment from one of the best pure scorers in the NBA.

    Kemba Walker however is one of the most explosive college players in the draft. He has unbelievable speed that is complemented by his handling that makes him seem like he has the ball on a string.

    Walker is coming off a National Championship and Big East Championship winning season.

    Many Kemba Walker supporters felt he was snubbed not winning the Naismith trophy but he sure garnered his own praise.

    Who will be taken first has been a big debate.

    The answer is Kemba Walker. He will be taken before Fredette in the draft.

Morris Brothers

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    Marcus Morris and Markieff Morris are twins who are very good NBA prospects.

    The University of Kansas products are both going to make the leap to the next level this year as they enter the draft. Which one will be the better pro and who will be taken first is a hot topic.

    Marcus is going to get picked first because of his ball handling skills and ability to create shots for himself. These two skills are making him a very coveted prospect.

    But Markieff is going to be the one that will have the better NBA career. He will be a role player coming off the bench but his career will have longevity.

    Markieff is a great rebounder who is very strong and athletic. He also is a very good defender and these two skills will allow him to stay in the league for a long time.

Enes Kanter Versus Derrick Williams

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    For a long time mock drafts were saying that Derrick Williams was definitely going to be taken as the number two pick.

    He has explosiveness in the open court and is a player who can play above the rim with flare. This is what many say will make him a star in the NBA.

    Recently though many draft boards have switched Williams with Kentucky’s Enes Kanter being drafted ahead of him.

    Kanter never played a game because the NCAA ruled him ineligible but his size and performances at the Nike Hoop Summit have had critics saying he will absolutely be successful in the NBA.

    Although the recent switch on many mock draft boards Derrick Williams will be taken first.

    The lack of display of his work will come back to hurt Enes Kanter. He will absolutely be picked in the top three but he will not be picked over Williams.