Indiana Pacers Could Name Their New Head Coach This Week

No NameAnalyst IJune 12, 2011

The question everyone is asking here in Indianapolis is: Why is Larry Bird waiting so long to announce that Frank Vogel will be the next head coach of the Pacers?

It's not a matter of if he will get the job, but when.

While Bird has been telling the media and fans that he is in no rush to make the decision on the next head coach, it appears that the job is already Vogel's. In a meeting on June 1, Bird told Vogel that he had to change his coaching staff.

According to some people, the deal is basically done, Vogel just has to put together a staff that meets Bird and owner Herb Simon’s standards to become the permanent coach of the Pacers.

Larry didn't want Vogel around during the pre-draft workouts that have been going on at Conseco for the past couple of weeks. He is evaluating the players with a few other front office people, which only makes sense because Vogel won't really have a say in who they draft anyway.

Bird has made it clear that he wants his assistants to have NBA experience, to help out with late game situations, and also somebody that can help out in a locker room that had issues at times last season.

Former coach Terry Porter and Minnesota assistant John-Blair Bickerstaff remain high on Vogel’s wish list. Former NBA and N.C. State head coach Sid Lowe is also on that list.

While they work on getting their three assistant coaches assembled, Vogel continues to have support of the team, the fans and the Pacers players. They have voiced their opinion of who they want to be their coach next season.

It looks like they are going to get/keep their man, but it will just take some time.