Fantasy NBA: Underrated/Overrated Avenue

Scott BarbineCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2008

I'm starting a series of articles of NBA players that I find to be either underrated or overrated in the fantasy world.  I will do one of each with each article.  This is the inaugural underrated/overrated avenue. Enjoy.


UnderratedAndre Miller

Some of you may be confused by this because he is a name that is well known in the fantasy world.  However, look at his stats and then look at some of the players taken before him in drafts.  According to ESPN's average draft position (ADP), Miller is going around pick 50.  Some players before him: Jason Terry (48), Manu Ginobili (46), Ray Allen (42), Hedo Turkoglu (41), and Mike Dunleavy (36).

Those are some good fantasy players, but have their flaws, which is why I see Miller as a more valuable fantasy commodity.  Terry now has Jason Kidd in his backcourt.  It's hard to see him getting more than three assists a game this year.  Ginobili is injured. I'd rather have a healthy Miller over an injured Manu any day.  Ray Allen is on the decline and has to share the ball with KG and Paul Pierce.  Turkoglu and Dunleavy each had one productive fantasy year and are bit of a mystery.

Andre Miller now has the luxury of dumping the ball off to Elton Brand.  Miller had a drop in assists last year because he was counted on to do more scoring, which he did.  His scoring average was up three points from his career average.  Now with Brand, Igoudala, emerging stud Thaddeus Young, and bench spark plug Lou Williams, look for Miller's assist totals to be back up around eight a game.  Miller adds about 15 ppg, 1.2 steals, and shoots about 45 percent to add to the solid assist totals.

Miller is also going into a contract year, and we all know what that can do for a player.  I see Miller performing as a top six or seven point guard this year.  If you can snag him, don't miss that chance.


OverratedKevin Garnett

Don't get me wrong, I do not view KG as an overrated basketball player, just fantasy wise.  Garnett's ADP is around pick nine.  Nine?  Compare his stats with those of David West and there isn't much disparity.  West's ADP? 40.

If I am sitting at the No. 9 spot, there are some other names usually available that I would take over KG in a heartbeat.  Deron Williams (11), Elton Brand (16), and Josh Smith (17) are some examples.

KG's numbers are good, just not worthy of a first rounder anymore.  Being part of the "Big Three" (KG, Pierce, and Allen), his numbers are expected to drop with so much talent around him.  Garnett's numbers are more of a late second rounder to mid third rounder now.


I fully expect some disagreements here and I look forward to hearing your side on these guys.  I'll be doing my next overrated/underrated avenue in the next few days.