Minnesota Timberwolves: What Kind of Impact Will Ricky Rubio Make?

Joe PetruloCorrespondent IIIJune 2, 2011

Rubio is finally coming to Ametrica.
Rubio is finally coming to Ametrica.Phil Walter/Getty Images

Ricky Rubio has reportedly agreed to become a part of the Minnesota Timberwolves organization next season.

Under normal circumstances, fans would not cheer over the signing of their fifth overall pick.

The Rubio situation has been far from normal.

Fans have waited two years for him to commit to the small-market team. If he would have never played a minute in a Timberwolves uniform, the 2009 draft would have gone down as the worst in franchise history.

There is one particular person that is celebrating the most tonight: David Kahn.

Kahn has been rightly criticized for making a terrible pick after Rubio, claiming Jonny Flynn would be able to play off the ball alongside the Spaniard.

The worst part was that the hands-down most versatile scorer was available in Stephen Curry. He was making the argument for the wrong player.

Still, he does deserve some credit for fighting through the criticism and staying the course amidst the Rubio drama.

The day after the draft, Kahn went around answering questions about the rumors involving Rubio's willingness to play in Minnesota the following year, or maybe ever. He remained consistent in stating that the organization would be patient.

Although players that get drafted usually suit up the following year, Kahn finally has his man. He was thoroughly criticized for this move, and some people within the league said Rubio would never play for Minnesota. Maybe Kahn knew something we did not.

So, now that Rubio will be running the show in Minneapolis, we can now analyze what type of impact he will make.

The 'Wolves still have a number of holes to fill. They just made one check mark on a summer to-do list that might be one of the longest in the league.

Still, with the current roster, Rubio can do some damage.

He has a number of athletes to distribute to on the break. Anthony Randolph showed great potential last year, albeit in an inconsistent manner. Fans will love watching him slam home alley-oops from Rubio. 

Kevin Love will find his points a little easier to come by. Rubio will hopefully be able to keep the ball moving, which will only lead to more open threes for Love. It is hard to remember Love getting any easy lay-ins after a play made by his point guard, but he may receive more of those this year as well.

Michael Beasley will probably not be affected as much as most people think. He does not score all that often within the offense. A lot of his scoring comes through one-on-one iso situations.

Still, the hope is, Rubio will still make life easier for the 'Wolves best true scorer.

Overall, Rubio brings stability to the 'Wolves on the court. The last time this organization had a stellar point guard was when Sam Cassell helped take them to the Western Conference Finals.

Maybe the biggest impact that Rubio will bring to the organization is excitement. Even if he turns out to be a below average point guard, fans can scratch it up as a bad pick. If they would have never seen him in a Minnesota uniform, it would have been tough to regain the trust of the community.

For now, at least until the season starts, the Timberwolves fans can hold on to the hope of what Rubio might be. They can go to sleep, dreaming of Rubio picking Russell Westbrook's pocket, leading the fast break and whipping a behind-the-back pass to Beasley for a dunk.

Until the season starts, 'Wolves fans will sleep well.

This is what makes this situation so great in the end. After two tense years of uncertainty, the anticipation to see Rubio in action is at an all-time high.

So, whether he makes an impact or not, fans will be filling the Target Center to find out.

Nice work, Mr. Kahn.