Seriously. What Is the Deal with the Detroit Pistons Head Coaching Position?

Ray StoneCorrespondent IMay 26, 2011

Which way are they going?
Which way are they going?

What are the Detroit Pistons going to do?

The NBA is a business.

With the ownership situation still up in the air during the majority of the season, Joe Dumars and the Pistons front office was not able to make any moves.

That is frustrating, but understandable.

The fans sat patiently through another long losing season with this imbalanced roster. 

The team had so many ugly headlines—an alleged veteran player revolt against the coach, the terribly ugly Rip Hamilton benching/contract situation and Rodney Stuckey refusing to enter the game. 

It is clear that this is NOT the coach for this team! 

What else needs to happen? 

The coach did not handle any of those situations professionally.  Although he did not have a great roster to work with, John Kuester actually made it worse.  He would suddenly bench players and his substitutions were very erratic. 

It did not seem to be a harmonious locker room in Detroit at all and that is bad for business. 

No team is going to be successful like that.

Now the handcuffs are off.  The new ownership is in place.

Tom Gores, the new majority owner, has given Joe Dumars his stamp of approval.  After sitting silent most of the season, you would think Dumars would be making a lot of moves right now.

So what is the hold up?

It is time to fire Kuester and move on in a new direction.  Yesterday.

He should have been let go the day the season ended!

After all, it is pretty clear that Kuester must go.   After last years madness, it would seem impossible to me that Dumars could even consider keeping this guy on board as head coach. 

Either way, this kind of indecision in the front office sends a bad message to the returning players and potential free agents alike.

The team has to behave like they are serious about turning things around.  Or else, they are seriously headed back to the lottery.

If there is going to be a new coach, he should be part of the upcoming draft and be around to discuss important personnel decisions. 

The Los Angeles Lakers, for instance, experienced a fall from grace after getting swept out of the playoffs.  The team knew that head coach Phil Jackson was retiring.

They have immediately they have gone to work.

Reports are that they have all but secured a deal with former Cleveland coach and Detroit assistant Mike Brown. 

Coach Brown and his defensive style could have been a good fit for the Pistons.  But while the Pistons are sitting on their hands—the Lakers are out getting their guy secured and getting ready for a new look in 2012.  Right away. 

That is how successful business are operated.  The Pistons season was over a month before the Lakers.  

It's time to make a move already ain't it?

Bill Laimbeer would be a popular fit for the fans and franchise.  Rick Adelman, Jeff Van Gundy, and Mark Jackson are some of the other available candidates. 

Even if Dumars for some reason wants to keep Kuester around, he should sit down at a press conference with him and say that.  Let the fans and players know the direction that the team is going to take.  

Everyone should be on the same page with turning things around, or else we will end up having to sit through more of the same.