Five Free Agent Signings that would Most Benefit the Toronto Raptors

Sean McAuliffeContributor IMay 23, 2011

Five Free Agent Signings that would Most Benefit the Toronto Raptors

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    Since the 2011 NBA Draft is not expected to produce many superstars, the Toronto Raptors will likely be looking at free agents in order to further improve the team.

    This slideshow will break down five possible free agent signings (one at each position) that would benefit the Toronto Raptors the most.

PG: Aaron Brooks (Restricted)

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    Aaron Brooks is an extremely quick point guard that has yet to fully develop as an NBA player. He can use his speed to break down defenses and is a decent shooter.

    I think he would fit well with the Raptors young core and his speed would add to Toronto’s already deadly transition attack.

    I don’t know think this signing is very likely to occur though. As a restricted free agent, the Phoenix Suns can match any offer by Toronto. If Phoenix plans on using Brooks as a replacement for Steve Nash, they will likely fight to hang onto him.

SG: Marcus Thornton (Restricted)

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    The Raptors aren’t very likely to invest a lot of money on a two man since DeMar DeRozan will get the majority of the minutes at that position. Marcus Thornton could be used as a high scoring sixth man similar to the role that James Harden plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Or DeMar could move to the three so they could both start.

    Thornton would be a good fit in Toronto because he is another young guy who would significantly improve Toronto’s three-point shooting. This would also open up space for guys like DeMar and Jerryd Bayless to penetrate into the paint.

SF: Jeff Green (Restricted)

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    Jeff Green is another athletic wing man who is big enough to play the four as well. Green would be an upgrade at three over James Johnson, particularly at the offensive end.  

    Once again, as a restricted free agent, Boston could prevent Green from leaving if they plan using him as a future replacement for Paul Pierce.

PF: Boris Diaw (Unrestricted)

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    I see this signing as the least likely to occur simply because the Toronto Raptors are already extremely crowded at the power forward position.

    However, Diaw’s veteran leadership and ability to score in the pain and from deep would be welcome in Toronto.

C: Tyson Chandler (Unrestricted)

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    I don’t think I need to explain why Tyson Chandler would be a good addition for the Raptors. He is a legitimate center that would immediately and drastically improve Toronto’s defense.

    Chandler is also athletic enough to run the floor with the Toronto’s youngsters.

    Toronto will likely be one of many teams that will be in pursuit of Chandler this offseason. And Dallas will probably try to resign him as well.

    The Raptors would be extremely lucky if they could lure Chandler to Toronto.