Toronto Raptors: Why Getting the 5th Pick Was Actually a Better Situation

Patrick Yaghoobians@PyaghoobiansAnalyst IIMay 22, 2011

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The Raptors dropped from what would have been the third overall pick in this year's draft to the fifth pick.

Many analysts have this draft class as the weakest one since the 2006 draft (coincidentally, the draft the Raptors picked Bargnani first overall).

Although many people have Kyrie Irving, Derick Williams and Enes Kanter as the top talents in this year's draft, there are still some young guys with the potential to be better players as their careers progress in the NBA.

This includes Kentucky's Brandon Knight, UConn's Kemba Walker, BYU's Jimmer Fredette and so on.

With the fifth pick, Kyrie Irving and Derick Williams will already be taken without a doubt. Enes Kanter still has the possibility of dropping down to No. 5, but after the events of Friday, it is highly likely that Kanter does not want to play in Toronto.

If many of you are unaware, Kanter did not want to speak to the Raptor's team officials, which was an effort by Raptor's management to understand Kanter better. He also denied interviews with the Utah Jazz (third pick) and the Milwaukee Bucks (10th pick).

So many Raptor fans are wondering if we are unable to get Enes Kanter, Irving or Williams, then who do we pick?

With the fifth pick, the Raptors have more "breathing space" when it comes to choosing a player.

The names that come up for the Raptors include Lithuanian big man Jonas Valanciunas, who is the exact opposite of Bargnani. He is a great low post defender, a great rebounder, and he is a very agile shot blocker. He is not as strong physically as other big men in the post and needs to add strength.

His only flaw is shooting, but Toronto is an offensive team, so players like Bargnani and DeRozan can get the load on offense.

Brandon Knight from Kentucky is, in my opinion, the best PG available in the draft. He has so much potential that he could be better than Irving. He is great on both the offensive and defensive side, with his only main flaw being his shooting and his court vision.

If he gets drafted by Toronto and is not taken by Utah with the third pick, then Knight has a pass first mentor in Calderon, who can teach him how to be a true point guard.

Just like Knight, Kemba Walker is another point guard who has good potential. Although he does not have much [potential], he is still very versatile and can learn other aspects of the game easily. His only main flaw is his size, which makes him smaller than most point guards in the league. He cannot play shooting guard, which would be his main position due to what he does on the court, mainly for the same reason, his size.

He is a score first point guard just like Bayless, but with someone like Calderon showing him the passing game, he can be a very good all-around PG.

The scenarios for both Knight and Walker getting mentored from Calderon is only if Jose is not traded.

Last but not least, the fifth pick gives the Raptors much more cap room. With the third pick, they would have had to pay whoever they drafted much more money compared to whoever they draft at the fifth pick.

This is great because it gives the Raptors a little bit more money to spend on either a true center or someone who is consistent at small forward.

Thanks for reading and let us hope that Raptors have a good draft and offseason so we make the playoffs soon!