Minnesota Timberwolves Post Lottery Reaction: Drafting #2 or Trading #2

Timber WolfAnalyst IIMay 17, 2011

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Lottery balls are in, results are out. The Minnesota Timberwolves moved down once again, can't say I didn't tell you so.

With Cleveland winning the lottery, it's probably written in stone that they will select Kyrie Irving. With the Wolves picking #2, there are some decent options. You have PF/SF Derrick Williams and possibly C/PF Bismack Biyombo.

I do think that the Wolves will look hard into this draft and not make any moves hastily. If they do decide to draft, Derrick Williams is definitely the man here. Though this will definitely create some roster imbalance at the forward position.

The Timberwolves already have a cornerstone all-star in Kevin Love, while Michael Beasley and Anthony Randolph are both very talented prospects.

There are going to be many scenarios in which the Wolves will shop the pick to trade down. With Ricky Rubio possibly coming over, they need to add some veterans to balance the roster to compliment the 2nd unit.

In all actuality, the Wolves have too many holes to be filled through just one draft.

The Timberwolves are not lacking young talent. They have Wesley Johnson, Michael Beasley, Kevin Love, and Anthony Randolph to develop.

Continuity is huge with an upcoming team, and so I side with David Kahn somewhat when he says, "There's no more rebuilding".

The Timberwolves, more than likely, are looking into scenarios to upgrade their center and shooting guard positions.

It's much to early to make any analysis as this is an emotional time for a Wolves fan.There is plenty of time, the draft is still some time away, the draft combine hasn't taken place, and some prospects are going to move up and down. Hoopshype.com has Cleveland taking Derrick Williams No.1 Overall, although I thoroughly disagree.

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