Say What? My NBA Mock Draft (Top 10)

Jonathan MaurerCorrespondent IIMay 17, 2011

Say What? My NBA Mock Draft (Top 10)

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    If you've seen my NBA Mock Draft from last year, you know how I'm going to do this slideshow.


    I don't automatically assume that the team with the worst record will get the first overall pick. Instead, I'll make random guesses on where each team will pick.   


    You might ask, "why don't you just wait until tonight when the draft lottery is over to make your mock draft?"

    My response to that question?

    What's the fun in that?

1. Toronto Raptors: Kyrie Irving-PG-Duke

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    The Toronto Raptors came off a disappointing season, (like the rest of my top ten) and they could use just about anybody's help. They are going to take the guy with the most potential in the draft, and that's Kyrie Irving. 

    I think Jose Calderon is a very good NBA point guard and a guy you can win with, but he's not the guy the Raptors need. Irving is a very good passer and scorer who can play both point and two guard.  

    I am a Duke fan and of course, a believer in Kyrie Irving, but I am concerned about whether he can hold up in the NBA. If he can erase those questions, he can be scary good.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers: Derrick Williams-SF-Arizona

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    Believe it or not, picking second is actually a better deal for the Cavs. They won't have to deal with deciding whether or not to draft Irving. 

    The Cavs need a big-time scorer, and Derrick Williams has that ability, He can score from anywhere on the court, and can defend any position. Derrick Williams is more NBA-ready than Irving, and can contribute from day one. 

    The Cavs may want Irving, but Williams is a better fit and a big step in the right direction.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves: Jonas Valanciunas-PF/C-Lithuania

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    Jonas Valanciunas is one of the most skilled centers in the draft. Darko Millicic has played well for the Timberwolves, but he's not the kind of center the wolves need, believe it or not.         

    Valanciunas would help take more pressure off of Kevin Love. With the combination of Beasley, Love, and Valanciunas, the Wolves could be very a very competitive team.

4. Detroit Pistons: Brandon Knight-PG-Kentucky

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    I believe Rodney Stuckey can be an NBA superstar, but I don't think it can happen with Detroit at the point guard position.  

    The problem with Stuckey is that he's too much of a shooting guard. Like Dwayne Wade, Stuckey is a guy that loves to score more than he loves to pass, and that isn't what you need at the point guard position.  

    Brandon Knight is a very talented guard who can score, but he doesn't mind passing either. He's probably the safest pick in the draft because he's a point guard coming from John Calapari's system, and the Pistons can not afford to miss with this pick.

5. Utah Jazz: Alec Burks-SG/SF-Colorado

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    It's clear the Utah Jazz are going into rebuilding mode, and I see them taking Alec Burks. 

    Burks is a special player. Standing at 6'6, he can play multiple positions if the Jazz need him to. Burks can run the Point, play shooting guard, or even move up to small forward. 

    Burks drives to basket at will, and knows how to create shots for his teammates (a la Lebron James). In my opinion, Burks worst-case scenario would be playing as a great sixth man off the bench. Best-case, I could see him being a taller version of Dwayne Wade.  

    Alec Burks could be a superstar for the Jazz if they put the right pieces around him.

6. Sacremento Kings Jan Vesely-C-Czech Republic

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    It's hard to take a guy named Jan seriously, but if you're an NBA offense, you won't have a choice.  Vesely can be a lockdown defender in the NBA, and he's 6'11.

    He needs work on his offensive game, but if he lives up to his potential on defense, there won't be any need to complain about his offensive game.  

    The Kings need a defender, and it's going to be hard for them to pass on Vesely.

7. Charlotte Bobcats: Jimmer Fredette-PG/SG-BYU

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    The Bobcats are playing in a new, uptempo offense under Paul Silas, and they still need another scorer.

    Everybody knows Jimmer Fredette can (and will) score. Drafting Fredette would be huge for the Bobcats for a number of reasons.

    It would give the team a huge boost on offense, because other than Stephen Jackson, the Bobcats don't have a pure scorer with the ability to take over a game. Additionally, this pick will increase ticket sales because of the Fredette's popularity as a college player.

8. Cleveland Cavaliers: Enes Kanter-PF/C-Turkey

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    The Cavs were terrible this year, and fortunately they'll likely have two top-ten picks in the draft.

    Enes Kanter is projected to be a top-five pick, but I think he'll end up slipping to eighth overall.

    This is great pick for the Cavs, because Kanter is a scary defensive presence and a great rebounder. He needs to improve on some things, but so does everyone else in this year's draft. 

    Kanter should be able to step in and be a major contributor right away for the Cavs.

9. Golden State Warriors: Tyler Honeycutt-SF-UCLA

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    Here's the Warriors' biggest problem: their defense sucks. That's probably the nicest way I could put it. 

    I think the Warriors are going to hire Mike Brown, who was defensive genius with the Cavs. You know Brown is going to want a guy who plays defense, and that's what Tyler Honeycutt brings to the table.

    He can not only guard perimeter players, but also defend the low post. A lot of people project Honeycutt to go later in the draft, but I see the Warriors desperately needing a defensive game changer. To fill that need, I think Honeycutt will end up being the Warriors pick at No.9

10. Milwaukee Bucks: Kemba Walker

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    Look, I know this pick doesn't make a lot of sense here, but here's why I think the Bucks will do it: Walker will be the best player on the board, and even though they have other needs, I don't know if the Bucks can look at any of the other players left and say they're worth the number 10 pick. 

    However, I do think if the whole CBA thing is settled by draft night, the Bucks are going to end up trading his rights somewhere else.