NBA Star Tim Thomas: Manny Pacquiao Should Take the Test

edgar solorzano@edgarsolorzano2Contributor IIIMay 17, 2011

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather are the two hottest welterweights in the planet; without them, boxing could get cold and quiet.

There's no doubt that many fans disagree with my statement. However, I feel that boxing would struggle for at least two years if it didn't have these two interesting fighters.

It's quite surreal how fight fans show respect, hatred and humour when it comes to these two great names. The entire world wants to see a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao battle.

However, I feel that the majority of the fans just want to see Mayweather lose that "0" like ex-Wizards player Gilbert Arenas.

Mayweather had a recent interview with well respected Web site, In the interview, Mayweather claimed that he was ready to fight Pacquiao and he already had his fresh gear ready to go for the "Fight of The Century." 

"We been ready for the fight. They trying to say I'm ducking and dodging; we been ready for the fight," Mayweather stated.

In the interview, Mayweather stressed that all Pacquiao had to do is take the test and sign the contract. Many Pacquiao fans get quite hyper and angry when they hear anything that has to do with blood-testing.

I recently talked to NBA player, Tim Thomas. I had the chance to interview him and ask him about the Shane Mosley and Pacquiao fight.

When I asked him about the May 7 event, he said, "I thought the first three rounds were competitive and then after Mosley went down...I thought it was pretty much a running-match. I don't think he wanted anymore of it...Pacquiao's great and I'm waiting for him to do what he gotta do and take the necessary drug test and all that so he can fight my man Mayweather."

I then asked him if he thinks Mayweather would beat Pacquiao and he smiled and said, "Of course...probably unanimous, it all depends on the fight in that know how Floyd fights, he's defensive all depends on the fight that night."

I respect Pacquiao and think he's a great fighter. I'm not a Pacquiao critic, but I agree with Thomas that Pacquiao should take the test. Not because he's taking steroids, but for the love of boxing. I don't think Pacquiao would be the type of athlete to pull a Barry Bonds.

I do think Pacquiao is the pound-for-pound king at this moment. He has proved it, however, my fight prediction hasn't changed and believe that the fight would be quite boring from the fifth round to the final round and Mayweather would pull off the victory by unanimous decision.

Although Mayweather said he's ready to fight Pacquiao, I'm not excited at all until they sign the contracts.

Forget the blood-testing, these two athletes will have to agree on several things, like money, who's walking in the ring first and many other small things that are big enough to destroy the mega-fight and the hearts of many loyal boxing fans.


Here's the interview.