NBA Draft 2011: Enes Kanter Could Go First Overall If Wizards Have the Pick

Kevon RobinsonCorrespondent IMay 16, 2011

Right now the Wizards have plenty of young core pieces for the future, but after much promise from last year, their big men failed to show up when the 2010-11 season started.  Clearly, if you look at the lottery teams and make a conclusion on which team probably needs Kanter the most, the Wizards would definitely be in the discussion.  

Many have questions about the year he took off from playing in an actual basketball game, but many think that if he had played at Kentucky as planned then he would be the No. 1 overall pick.  Kanter has a very complete game as he can post a defender up and score from the post or run the pick and pop to get open for a jumper.  

ESPN's Chad Ford recently wrote about watching Enes Kanter in a workout with legendary trainer Tim Grover:

"While I initially believed that Kanter's year off would hurt his draft stock, I'm no longer concerned after talking with a number of NBA execs. Virtually every team I spoke with has him as a top-five prospect on their board. A few told me they believe, had he played at Kentucky this year, he may have been the favorite to go No. 1 overall.

He still might have a chance to go No. 1 overall if the Washington Wizards get the No. 1 pick. While we currently have them taking Derrick Williams No. 1 in our Mock Draft Lottery, a well-placed source said Kanter would be in the conversation."

Kanter almost reminds me of Kevin Love.  He isn't the best athlete, has a great shooting stroke, rebounds the ball very well, and shows a lot of passion when playing in a game.  The Wizards have been weak inside of the paint all year and Wizards fans are tired of seeing JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche getting muscled every game of the week. 

Although Williams seems to be the most proven NBA-ready player, there are many Small Forwards for the Wizards to snag with their 18th overall pick.  Kanter is a prospect that doesn't come around too often, and being that he dominated Jared Sullinger last year in the Nike Hoop Summit, I wouldn't be surprised if he makes an immediate impact in the league.

(I know Kanter outplayed Sullinger while he was still in high school, but in less than five months after that, Sullinger was declared to be one of the best big men in college basketball.)