Cleveland Cavaliers 2008-09 Season Preview

Yama Hazheer@Yama_HazheerCorrespondent IIOctober 16, 2008

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers had another successful season in 2007-08. They were only a few points away from advancing to another Eastern Conference Championship appearance, against the team that James man-handled the previous year, the Detroit Pistons.

Cleveland had 45 wins last season, and finished behind the Pistons in the Central division. After, they put up a brilliant effort in the playoffs against the eventual NBA champion Boston Celtics, the Cavs knew that James still needs more help if they want to get back into the postseason.

This past offseason, Danny Ferry and crew went out to get the King some help.

As a part of a three team deal, landing point guard Maurice Williams came over from Milwaukee to join the Cavaliers. Williams is not the traditional pass-first point guard that fans had in mind, but his scoring will definitely take the pressure off of James to not have to score so much for the team to win.

Ben Wallace thinks that the Cavs can win a championship with their current roster, "I like our roster right now. I like the pieces that we’ve added. Along with the veterans that are coming back, I think we have the opportunity to win a championship," he said.

"But as far as that X-factor, you really don’t know that until you get in the flow of the season and see how things turn out," Wallace added.

It is not out of the question. This team got to the NBA Finals with a less talented roster a few seasons ago, and now James has become an even better player and has more support around him.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas has been LeBron’s second option for a while now, but has been on the decline. Though his numbers increased last season, he played fewer games. He’s injury prone, but is a good player to be the third of fourth option of this team now. He’ll give you 13 points and eight rebounds on most nights, and sometimes will produce even more when needed.

Daniel Gibson and Wally Szczerbiak are capable shooters and can hit big shots when called upon. They will be key players for this team. Delonte West may have to come off the bench this season or move up to shooting guard, because with Williams coming to Cleveland, he will most likely be the starting point guard.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the future of this franchise. There is no one really left to build around if LeBron does go to New York, Europe, or another NBA team.

James and the rest of the team say that he's isn’t going to leave and “insult” the city, but that could just be all talk for now. After all, he is good friends with Jay-Z and go to the New Jersey Nets, or he could be the global icon he wants to be and sign with a team in Europe.

Whatever the case, the Cavs will still have the King with them until 2010, and maybe even longer if he decides to stay.

With that being established, LeBron will have another monstrous season this year.

He has gotten better each year. He didn’t have a jumpshot, but has learned to be more balance while shooting and we have seen results. He wasn’t a great perimeter defender, but has improved that aspect of his game as well. This year will be a tough one for any player or team that has to try and slow him down.

The Cavs will have another great season, and with the addition of Mo Williams, the team might be able to make it to the NBA Finals once again. LeBron took the team of role players to the championship series by himself, with the help, they might manage to win some games this time and perhaps even win the championship.

The role players will have to step up and if they do that, the Cleveland Cavaliers will be a dangerous team.