Barea Surives Laker Attack Once More, Goes on to Sweep Champs

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Barea Surives Laker Attack Once More, Goes on to Sweep Champs
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Mavericks point guard J.J. Barea has once again shown fans that despite his small stature, he's tough enough for the NBA

After taking a nasty hit from Ron Artest in Game 2 of the Lakers-Mavericks playoff series, he became victim of another brutal attack from the Los Angeles squad.

As Barea headed for a layup in the post, Lakers center Andrew Bynum hit Barea in the ribs in a violent act of desperation. As the shot sunk in, Bynum was immediately ejected, almost carelessly removing his jersey and heading to the Lakers locker room with no sense of remorse. This attack coming shortly after Lamar Odom angrily elbowed Mavericks center Dirk Nowitzki.

The attack which ABC commentators described as "disgusting", has been viewed by many as an insult to Phil Jackson's final game in his coaching tenure with the LA Lakers. Not only has it received negative commentary from the professional basketball community, but many Lakers fans have also described their frustration with Bynum's childish actions.

A simple stroll on his Facebook fan page with display that.

"Huge body, tiny heart" one user commented. Others displayed much more aggressive and vulgar opinions on the matter.

Despite the anger-driven fouls inflicted upon him, Barea continued playing against the Lakers, putting up 22 points in a 122-86 win over the defending champions, allowing the Mavericks an easy four game sweep.

Looks like Dallas got the last laugh.

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