NBA: What Could Have and Should Have Been in the City of Seattle

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NBA: What Could Have and Should Have Been in the City of Seattle
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As I watched the Memphis Grizzlies and Oklahoma City Thunder game yesterday, I had a tough time digesting what I saw.

Just four years ago the Thunder were in the city of Seattle, where millions of basketball fans live and still live. Unfortunately the NBA took them away from the fans because of money.

Now this isn't supposed to a piece where I complain non-stop and make you people reading this feel bad for the Seattle population even though some of you guys reading this might not care at all where the basketball team is located. 

But what this article is supposed to detail is how a Seattle SuperSonics feels right now during these exciting playoffs and why the NBA should come back to Seattle.

Through out these intense games of the playoffs we have seen the Thunder beat the Denver Nuggets in the first round in four games and now are playing the Memphis Grizzlies in the second round tied one to one.

While watching the the Thunder play I always have in the back of my mind on how those could be the Sonics. The NBA never gave us enough time to come back from two or three bad seasons. The original team the Sonics drafted Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, Nick Collison and Kevin Durant.

With those players the Sonics could have become something within the next two to three years. I am not against Oklahoma City having a team; I just wish it had not been the Sonics. The city of Seattle has a rich history of basketball and deserves a team.

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The Sonics franchise started in 1967. They have been to the playoffs 22 times and won the 1979 championship. Many superstars have been part of the Sonics organization. Some of them are Nate McMillan, Lenny Wilkens, Shawn Kemp, Jack Sikma, Ray Allen and my favorite Gary Payton.

But the city of Seattle has always been part of basketball. Seattle breeds NBA players every year. It rains and kids go in the gym and shoot hoops for days and hours at a time.

The state of Washington has produced one of the best point guards ever John Stockton. Other Washington born players include, Brandon Roy, Jason Terry, Nate Robinson, Jamal Crawford, Doug Christie, and tons of others.

There are also tons of up an coming players from Seattle. The Boston Celtics select Avery Bradley in the first round and this year Isaiah Thomas should be drafted to. Other Seattle natives to keep your eye out for is Louisville's Peyton Siva, UCLA's Josh Smith and soon to be Washington Husky Tony Wroten.

As the people of Seattle sit here watching some of the best playoffs I have seen in years, it just makes us think about what could have been if the Thunder were still here.

The city of Seattle is rich in basketball history. Seattle is a breeding ground for basketball players and people are in love with the sport here, so NBA, give us a team in Seattle and let's make more history.

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