Kings Relocation: KC and 5 Cities Most Deserving of a NBA Team Not Named Anaheim

Tyler TinsleyContributor IIIApril 23, 2011

Kings Relocation: KC and 5 Cities Most Deserving of a NBA Team Not Named Anaheim

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    Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

    Three teams in the Los Angeles area? It was looking like it for a while.

    Speculation has run high the last couple of weeks that the Sacramento Kings were packing their bags and heading down I-5 to Anaheim. 

    News out of Sacramento today may give Sac-town fans a temporary sigh of relief as the team appears to be close to staying in town for another year.

    Many have questioned why a third team is needed in southern California and for good reason.

    The area is already home to the NBA champion L.A. Lakers and perennial cellar dweller L.A. Clippers which begs the question: What cities are most deserving of an NBA team?

    Here are five cities that most deserve an NBA team.       

5. Louisville

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    There have been recent talks between Commissioner David Stern and Louisville attorney J. Bruce Miller about bringing an NBA franchise to Louisville through relocation or expansion. 

    With a population of 741,096 (as of 2010), the city certainly has enough people to support the team and has a recently built, state of the art arena in the KFC Yum Center to appropriately hold a team. 

    Unfortunately, a lease agreement with the University of Louisville may prevent a team from moving their but investors have had talks of renovating Freedom Hall to allow an NBA team to move in.    

4. Las Vegas

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    An NBA team in Las Vegas?!

    This certainly could be the case in a couple of years. Investors last summer stated they were in the process of planning the construction of a new arena to house an NBA team. 

    The 2007 All-Star Game was played here and deemed a huge success.  Some argue that an NBA team in Sin City could pose problems with gambling and player distractions which are valid points indeed. 

    On the other hand, Las Vegas could prosper as a one professional sport city (take a look at Oklahoma City and Salt Lake City). 

    Whatever the outcome, Vegas is definitely a viable option for the future. 

3. Pittsburgh

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    Could the Steel City, home to the perennial NFL powerhouse Pittsburgh Steelers and Sid the Kid's Pittsburgh Penguins, be home to an NBA team soon? Some think so. 

    The city is home to a new, state of the art arena in the Consol Energy Center that houses the Penguins which could provide home to a future NBA team. 

    David Stern has mentioned the arena as a possible destination for a future NBA franchise. 

2. Seattle

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    Fans of Seattle did not take their beloved Supersonics leaving lightly.

    The team packed up, after 41 years of basketball in the city, to head for the southern plains of Oklahoma before the start of the 2008-09 NBA season. 

    Citizens were outraged at all involved in the process (Clay Bennett, Howard Schultz, Seattle city government) and have called for a new team. 

    While a new arena would first have to be built, the city of Seattle certainly deserves another NBA team at some point down the line.   

1. Kansas City

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    Jamie Squire/Getty Images

    Kansas City is perhaps the most deserving of an NBA franchise.

    With a more than NBA ready arena in the Sprint Center, Kansas City is chomping at the bit for a chance to play in the basketball big leagues.

    The city has shown solid support to the Chiefs and Royals and would undoubtedly do so for an NBA franchise. 

    This could also add a whole new "region" to the NBA with Oklahoma City being several hours south. 

    The Sprint Center has already hosted several preseason games (see photo) and would be a great fit for an NBA franchise.