Why I Think The Charlotte Bobcats Will Make The Playoffs This Year

Ryan GaydosSenior Analyst IOctober 8, 2008

The Charlotte Bobcats Organization started back in 2004 and since the New Jersey Nets traded Kenyon Martin away, my favorite player at the time, and I loathed the New York Knicks, I decided to become a Charlotte Bobcat fan. The Bobcats were founded by BET CEO Robert Johnson and they hired Bernie Bickerstaff as their first head coach and in the Expansion Draft they picked up soon to be franchise player Gerard Wallace.

In the first three years of the Bickerstaff era the Bobcats had a total of 77 wins and 169 losses but they did improve each year. Bickerstaff would be released following the 2006-2007 season. Over those three years, the Cats organization brought in key players like Emeka Okafur, Raymond Felton, Sean May, and Adam Morrison. Although Morrison and May have been injured for the most part of their early careers.

My goals for the Bobcats were aimed high last year especially because they did improve each year and they also had a new coach, Sam Vincent, who I know did well in the D-League coaching. The Bobcats also hired Rod Higgins as general manager. Higgins worked for the Golden State Warriors bringing in guys like Gilbert Arenas, Baron Davis, and Monta Ellis to their organization. I thought he could bring the same gems in for us.

Then as I was watching the NBA Draft, hoping that the Bobcats would get Joakim Noah, they selected Brendan Wright from North Carolina. I didn't really know who this guy was but then a minute later they traded him to Golden State for Jason Richardson! I was excited as hell for a nasty dunker and an energetic forward to put the Bobcats on the NBA map.

But to me, last year was a bit of a disappointment in the long run. We finished fourth in the Southeast Division behind Orlando, Washington, and Atlanta. We were 32-50. We weren't that far from gaining the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference.

This year I think we could make the playoffs. We have the legend Larry Brown on our bench coaching our young team and we got some good rookies coming in. D.J. Augustin is a fast point guard that would be a great compliment to Raymond Felton. Augustin can run the floor at a fast pace. Our other draft pick was Alexis Ajinca. Ajinca is a seven foot center from France. I haven't heard too much about him as of yet but I'm pretty excited for him to be on our team.

I feel like the Bobcats have a legitimate shot at the playoffs this year. Everyone is healthy so far and the experience from Larry Brown could help us in the long run. I predict and eighth spot for the Cats and hopefully winning the NBA Title. But that is a reach.