2011 NBA Mock Draft: Cleveland Cavaliers: Draft Picks and Free Agents

Kyle Howard@@RealKyleHowardContributor IApril 12, 2011

The Cleveland Cavaliers look dead in the water, but that may not be the case after the draft and the free agent period.

Big changes are coming in Cleveland after this season and it is going to start with the team purging themselves of unneeded contracts.

This starts with players that have salaries that don't correlate to their play and are not helping the team move forward. You start this process of purging the team by getting rid of Joey Graham, Luke Harangody, Anthony Parker, Manny Harris, Daniel Gibson (hopefully through trade), Semih Erden and maybe Ryan Hollins.

The only one of these players that might want to bring back is the young Ryan Hollins, who has great size and looks to be developing into a good player. He was also able to show great control of his person in the recent game against the Detroit Pistons, when Charlie Villanueva wanted to start another brawl in the Palace. 

This leaves the following players for the Cavs– J.J. Hickson, Samardo Samuels, Antawn Jamison, Anderson Varejao, Alonzo Gee, Christian Eyenga, Ramon Sessions and Baron Davis. 

Now, the Cavs have the tough decision about the futures Antawn Jamison and Anderson Varejao. Both players will probably have some trade value after the draft, when teams are looking for big men with experience.

The only question is if the Cavs want to give up on them and try to gain draft picks or other role players to fill the endless voids on the team.

My suggestion is that the Cavs trade Antawn Jamison to someone like the Nuggets or the Pacers. He would be a good fit on either team, because he can add veteran depth to both of those teams. If he was traded to the Nuggets, the trade could be as simple as Jamison for Harrington and if the team is the Pacers, the trade could be Jamison for McRoberts.

This would free up cap space for the Cavs, because they would be getting rid of Jamison's contract and they could buy out either Harrington's or McRoberts' contract.

After getting rid of the expiring contracts and the unneeded contracts and finally freeing up space for a big offseason, time will come for the draft. The Cavs have four draft picks and a $14.5 million traded player exception at their disposal and this will allow the Cavs to get better in many ways. 

First, we'll start with the draft, they have four picks in the draft including two lottery picks and two second round draft picks.

Lets go with their First 1st Round selection and I'm going to go ahead and say that their two lottery picks give them the first overall pick and the eighth pick in the draft. Then, in the second round, they have the 31st and the 52nd overall picks in the draft.

So, lets start with the first overall pick in the draft–The Cleveland Cavaliers select Derrick Williams.

Some people may disagree and say that they should take Kyrie Irving, but I think that Derrick Williams gives the Cavaliers the best possible option, because he can play a great small forward position for the Cavaliers and fill a position that they are going to need.  

With the eighth pick in the 2011 draft, the Cavaliers select Enes Kanter. This is where it gets tricky because it depends on the selections of the teams between the Cavs picks if they want to go big, then its likely that Kanter is gone at this point and the Cavs will select Kemba Walker, who will probably still be there, but I believe that someone like the Kings will take Walker. 

Then we move on to the 31st overall pick in the draft, where the Cavs take Demetri McCamey out of Illinois at the PG position. They went big with their last pick, so now, it's time to take a PG who can also play a SG position. He also has a stocky build that allows him to get to the basket easier.

Then, with the 52nd overall pick in the draft, the Cavaliers select Durrell Summers. This may be some personal bias here, but in my opinion, it's the 52nd pick in the draft. Why not take someone who is a long shot, but has shown at times to be a person able to get to the hoop and also shoot from distance?

If he works out and fits in well with the team, then great. If not, send him down to the D-League or simply release him. He could fit in well or he could flop, but its worth it to take a chance with the 52nd pick in the draft. 

After this draft, they will have been able to get Derrick Williams at SF, Enes Kanter at C, Demetri McCamey at PG and Durrell Summers at SG. This gives them a lot of young talent and it shows that they are going to be improving in Cleveland. After the Cavaliers have taken care of the draft, it is time for them to move on to the free agent market.

There are some interesting players that could be free agents in the offseason. The Cavaliers are able to pick up players at all the positions on the roster, because they can upgrade at all positions on the floor.

Point guard is one they probably won't look at, because they will have both Ramon Sessions and Baron Davis coming back to the team.

Moving on to the shooting guard position, they have many options they can look at.

I would want to take a look at Shannon Brown if he opts out of his contract with the Lakers. He would be making a return to Cleveland after they drafted him, but he will be coming back a completely different player in LA he has shown that he is completely capable of starting on many teams in the NBA and he would be a good fit as a young explosive SG for the Cavs.

Small forward is also a position that the Cavaliers might not look at because they have just drafted Derrick Williams and he should be able to start immediately and make a big impact on the team.

Moving on to the power forward position, the Cavaliers have a few options in Zach Randolph, Kenyon Martin, and Glen Davis. All three of these guys are going to be unrestricted free agents and are all upgrades for the Cavaliers at the power forward position.

Then we move on to the center position, where they have just drafted Enes Kanter.  Hopefully, be able to play immediately and have a big impact on the team. However, I also think that they should go after a veteran center that can help improve Kanter into a superstar.

To do this, I suggest they go after Yao Ming. But they should do this only if they can get a good deal on him and not have to pay a lot for an old, injury prone player.

If this happen, then this could be the potential lineup for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

PG- Baron Davis, Ramon Sessions, Demetri McCamey

SG- Shannon Brown, Demetri McCamey, Durrell Summers

SF- Derrick Williams, Alonzo Gee, Christian Eyenga

PF-  Zach Randolph, J.J. Hickson, Anderson Varejao

C- Enes Kanter, Yao Ming, Anderson Varejao

This is a much improved lineup for the Cleveland Cavaliers and should improve their team drastically. With this lineup, I see the Cavaliers being possibly a 41-41 team and making the playoffs in the weak Eastern Conference as a seventh or eighth seed.  


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