Sacramento Kings: A Few Reasons to Like the Jimmer Fredette Pick

Blake Mehigan@blakeam11Correspondent IJune 29, 2011

Sacramento Kings: A Few Reasons to Like the Jimmer Fredette Pick

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    NEW ORLEANS, LA - MARCH 24:  Jimmer Fredette #32 of the Brigham Young Cougars warms up prior to their game against the Florida Gators in the Southeast regional of the 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament at New Orleans Arena on March 24, 2011 in New Orle
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    As someone who has not exactly been on board with Jimmer Fredette, I suppose it is time to get behind him. He was arguably the best player in the NCAA last season (keyword: arguably) and one could assume that his shooting ability if nothing else will translate to the NBA.

    It is truly too easy to dismiss Jimmer though. In particular because his name is Jimmer.

    Also because he is white, and many have criticized him for being less athletic than expected of him.

    Fredette's athletic ability is undeniable though, he was a top recruit as a football player out of high school. As a receiver. The kid can throw down too.

    He won't win a dunk competition, but he knows how to use what he's got.

    Here are a few other things that Jimmer has.

He's a Shooter

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    This really needs no further discussion.

    He can shoot over people his own height and drop it in from 30 feet. If he can do that with close to that success in college at the next level, he will help out the Kings tremendously.

The Kid Is Smart

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    Fredette has a very good feel for the game. He didn't necessarily demonstrate it all the time at BYU (see: pulling up from anywhere on the court, turning the ball over often), but Fredette makes plays with the ball in and out of his hands, and was really the only offensive option on his team.

    He could develop into a solid point guard, although I'm not going to assign the warn out Steve Nash comparison.

    A high basketball IQ cannot necessarily be taught, and an innate understanding of the game is not a quality many players exemplify. Sometimes being crafty is more important than being extremely athletic.

    Despite his questionable defensive drive, his intellect and dedication should help him becoming a better defender easier than one would think. Which leads in nicely to my next point.

He Works Hard

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    Works hard is a bit of an understatement. Works like he is on the verge of being cut might be a more reasonable assessment. 

    Fredette has had a target on his back for years, being told he wasn't tall enough, quick enough, or what have you to make it as a basketball player.

    Hey, I even called him J.J. Redick 2.0.

    He works his tail off to prove everyone wrong and to prove himself right. Having someone on the team that is known to be a workhorse is not a bad thing either. Work ethic has never been a negative as far as I can recall, related to anything for that matter.

    Hard work can often lead to improved or higher confidence in ones own abilities as well.

Jimmer Is Confident in His Abilities

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    He has never seemed outspoken, arrogant or over the top, but Fredette seems to know what he is capable of doing and thinks that he can really get what he ultimately wants.

    His team didn't get where I'm sure he wanted to get, the NCAA title game, but people come up short at times.

    The New York native must have been pretty impressive as the Kings were willing to trade down and pass on players like Brandon Knight, Kemba Walker and Kawhi Leonard, all players that were perceived to go higher than Fredette for a while.

    Now the question lies, was passing on those other players worth it considering the needs the Kings have?

Yes, It Was (Hopefully).

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    Like I said in the first slide, I did not want the Kings to pick Fredette. But, it would be foolish to not consider the reasons that Geoff Petrie picked him.

    Fredette clearly addresses some serious deficiencies that the Kings had the past few seasons: a lack of depth in the backcourt and a player with the ability to shoot.

    With the acquisition of Marcus Thornton both of those issues were answered, partially.

    Fredette is another shooter, which you can never have too many of, and is a more capable ball handler than Thornton, which helps with the issue of depth. 

    Fredette may also be someone who can make things happen with the ball in his hand at the end of games. If nothing else, having him be a potential kick out on the arc for threes will help open up the lane for Tyreke Evans.

    Really though we will all have no idea until Fredette and the rest of the Kings can play together and see how all the pieces work. The roster could also be radically different come opening night, whenever that may be.

    So to dismiss him this early is just plain shortsighted. It is a good things Jimmer does not have an issue seeing things from a far though.