NBA Trade, Free Agency Rumors: Dwight Howard, Ricky Rubio and More

Joey HnathCorrespondent IApril 5, 2011

NBA Trade, Free Agency Rumors: Dwight Howard, Ricky Rubio and More

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    As the NBA regular season comes to a close, several rumors will start to pop up in anticipation of the offseason.

    Despite the threat of a lockout, there will be numerous transactions that will occur during the NBA offseason.

    Coaching changes, trade rumors and contract negotiations are just some of the rumors swirling around right now.

    Here are ten NBA rumors that are making headlines.

Omri Casspi

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    According to a story in the Jerusalem Post, Casspi is unhappy in Sacramento and wants out.

    This doesn’t come as a shock, seeing as how Tyreke Evans is the point guard of the future.

    Casspi should get his wish in the offseason and be traded away.

Kevin Love

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    The front runner for Most Improved Player in 2010-2011, Kevin Love addressed his future with the Timberwolves in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

    Love states that he does want to remain in Minnesota when he becomes a restricted free agent in the summer of 2012, but they need to improve their team in order to keep him happy.

    One big move the Timberwolves can make to appease Love is to bring Ricky Rubio over from Europe to play alongside the double-double machine.

Mike D’Antoni

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    There has been much speculation regarding Mike D’Antoni’s future with the Knicks past this season.

    Regardless of what the Knicks’ front office decide, D’Antoni wants to remain in New York, according to the New York Daily News.

    His future is most likely tied to how the Knicks do in the playoffs, and their opening round series will most likely be against the Heat or Celtics.

Doc Rivers

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    Rivers is undecided about returning next season to coach the Celtics.

    Many people think Rivers should walk away, including Shaun Powell of

    Much like D’Antoni’s situation, Rivers’ future with the team is contingent on how the Celtics perform in the playoffs.

    Another ring would make it easier for Rivers to walk away.

Zach Randolph

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    After being involved in numerous trade rumors the past few seasons, it seems like Z-Bo will get a contract extension with the Grizzlies, according to

    The new contract would be for four years, and it should be finalized relatively fast.

John Calipari

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    According to the New York Daily News, John Calipari wants to get back into the NBA.

    Citing an unnamed source, the article states that Calipari has not gotten over being fired after 20 games when he coached the Nets in 1999.

    With a close relationship with William Wesley, the CAA powerbroker, look for Calipari to get back into the NBA in the next couple seasons, possibly in New York or Miami.

Eddy Curry

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    Apparently, things are so bad in Miami that they invited Curry to work out with the team, according to the Miami Herald.

    Though other players were involved as well, the focus was on Curry.

    Pat Riley and the Heat are hoping that Curry gives them another big body for the playoffs, but after only playing in ten games the past three seasons, they might just be grasping at straws.

Kris Humphries

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    Humphries is having a career year, and it just so happens that it is a contract year for the Nets’ big man.

    According to, the Nets’ top priority this offseason is to resign Humphries.

    The final say may be made by Humphries’ girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.  She could persuade him to sign with one of the Los Angeles teams.

Ricky Rubio

9 of 10 reports that Ricky Rubio is open to playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves next season.

    Rubio’s family is the source that has put out this story, so it still remains to be seen what Rubio will say on the matter.

    Rubio has only averaged five points and four rebounds this season in Europe, so it may be wise for him to come over to the NBA before his stock starts to fall.

Dwight Howard

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    With Dwight Howard set to become a free agent in 2012, rumors have circulated that the Orlando center could be on the move.

    The Orlando Sentinel reports that though Magic general manager Otis Smith realizes that teams will be calling him this offseason about the availability of Howard; he will not trade Howard.

    Though Howard could sign elsewhere after next season, the Magic will try everything to keep Howard in Orlando.

    A trade is highly unlikely this offseason, especially with a lockout looming.