Kris Humphries: 10 Reasons the NJ Nets Should Make Re-Signing Him a Priority

Jim MancariCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2011

Kris Humphries: 10 Reasons the NJ Nets Should Make Re-Signing Him a Priority

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    Following the 2011-2012 season, the main free agent the New Jersey Nets will worry about is current point guard Deron Williams.

    However, a pressing free agent that the Nets must retain this upcoming offseason is their power forward, Kris Humphries.

    After six mediocre seasons playing mostly in a bench role, Humphries has found himself this season.

    He’s averaged a double-double with 10.0 points and 10.4 rebounds per game.

    If it wasn’t for Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Humphries would be a shoe-in for Comeback Player of the Year.

    Here are 10 reasons why the Nets must re-sign Humphries this offseason.

10. Kim Kardashian Attends Games

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    Though this obviously is not a major reason to bring back Kris Humphries, he is dating Kim Kardashian.

    While she hasn’t exactly brought the Nets much luck this season, it’s always a pleasure seeing her in the stands.

    Maybe she can distract the Nets’ opponents into missing shots.

    But seriously, here are the real reasons for bringing back Humphries.

9. Humphries Won't Be Terribly Expensive

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    In regards to some of the other available free agents, Kris Humphries may not be terribly expensive.

    Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov has his sights set on some marquee free agents this and next offseason. However, he must also budget wisely so the Nets can afford the available talent.

    Humphries is only 26, and his performance this year has opened the eyes of many around the league.

    Still, he won’t command the salary of Tim Duncan, Zach Randolph or David West, thus making him a great option for the Nets.

8. Starter or Substitute

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    Kris Humphries has shown that he can be a valuable member of a starting five or can sub if need be.

    Humphries worked his way into the starting lineup early in the season after giving the Nets great minutes off the bench.

    When the Nets gave youngster Derrick Favors the starting role, Humphries still was able to record double-doubles off the bench.

    Humphries regained the starting role following the Deron Williams trade, which included Favors. He hasn’t lost a step since the change.

    He gives the Nets versatility if they plan on pursuing a free agent forward or center.

7. Two-Way Player

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    Not only can Kris Humphries clean up around the hoop, but he has shown his defensive prowess all season.

    He rises up over would-be offensive rebounders to snatch the ball out of their grasps.

    He’s 6’9”, 235 pounds, so he uses his muscular frame to bully his opponents on the glass.

    Though he’s averaged just 1.1 blocks per game, it’s the timing and emphatic nature of these blocks that has left an impact.

    Here, Humphries put Phoenix Suns center Robin Lopez in his place in front of his twin brother, Brook.

    He’s one of the few two-way players left in the NBA.

6. Lots of Energy

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    Julian Finney/Getty Images

    Kris Humphries gave the Nets a much-needed energy boost early this year after New Jersey’s miserable 12-70 season last year.

    He ripped down rebounds, cleaned up on the glass and threw down some monster dunks.

    This energy was a huge factor in the Nets’ improvement this season.

    Humphries always hustled when he was on the floor, and will look to continue this energy heading into next season.

5. Double-Double Machine

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    Kris Humphries has been a double-double machine this season.

    He’s recorded 29 double-doubles this year after only recording six in his first six seasons.

    He is one of only 11 players averaging a double-double this season. The other 10 are the following: Kevin Love, Dwight Howard, Zack Randolph, Blake Griffin, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bogut, Joakim Noah, Steve Nash, Rajon Rondo and Humphries' teammate Deron Williams.

    That is some pretty impressive company, which shows what sort of asset Humphries has been to the Nets this season.

4. Picks Up Brook Lopez on the Boards

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    Chris Graythen/Getty Images

    This season, Nets center Brook Lopez has developed a deadly mid-range jumper.

    As a result, he has found himself outside the paint more often when rebounding opportunities arise.

    Lopez has averaged just 5.9 rebounds per game this year, which is quite low for a seven-footer.

    However, Kris Humphries has picked up Lopez’s slack on the glass in a big way. He pulls down offensive rebounds, which gives the Nets second opportunities.

    Also, since the Nets can rely on Humphries down low, Lopez can use his outside jumper more often, knowing that Humphries will fight for the board.

3. He's Finally Come into His Own

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    It may have taken Kris Humphries six NBA seasons, but he finally put everything together this season.

    Once he worked himself into the starting lineup, he gained the confidence needed to make him a productive player.

    Since he’s still young, Humphries can use this momentum to build a solid career.

    The Nets would be wise to lock him up long-term to prevent another team from swooping in.

2. Great Connection with Deron Williams

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    From the moment that Deron Williams suited up for the Nets, he and Kris Humphries developed an instant connection.

    Williams has a knack for finding most of the big men he’s played with, but Williams and Humphries looked like they had been playing together for years.

    Since Humphries was able to constantly finish around the basket, Williams compiled a ton of assists.

    Williams will be a Net for at least one more season, so re-signing Humphries long-term may keep Deron in town.

    As long as Williams consistently feeds Humphries down low, both players will be productive forces for the 2011-2012 Nets.

1. Arguably Nets' MVP

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    Kris Humphries has arguably been the Nets’ MVP this season.

    New Jersey seems to get a consistent performance out of him every night, which has been a major factor in their improvement.

    The Nets appear to be a team on the rise in the Eastern Conference, but Humphries will need to be around next year for the team to get better.

    As seen by the trade for Deron Williams, Mikhail Prokhorov and Nets’ GM Billie King aren’t afraid to shake up the roster.

    However, what sort of message would it send to the other Nets if the team failed to sign their MVP?

    Based on these reasons, there’s a strong possibility Humphries will continue to call Newark home for at least the next few seasons.