Philadelphia 76ers: Position-by-Position Ranking of Sixers vs. Heat

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IMarch 29, 2011

Philadelphia 76ers: Position-by-Position Ranking of Sixers vs. Heat

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    This is probably one of if not the best times of the year. The Final Four is on its way and we are entering the final stretch of the NBA season. The playoffs will soon start.

    It's basketball 24/7 and I love it.

    The Sixers made a huge rebound this year and they are making a big playoff run in the standings. One can make the argument that they are one of the hottest teams in the NBA right now and also one of the most underrated.

    So I figured, why not compare them to one of the most over talked-about teams in the Miami Heat?

    In the upcoming list, I've drawn out a position-by-position matchup and analyzed players from either team.

    Are the Heat as good as they are made out to be? 

Jrue Holiday vs. Mike Bibby

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    Jrue Holiday is the better point guard here. He is younger, better at getting rebounds and knows his team better than Mike Bibby does.

    Bibby does have a better three-point shot, but Holiday is developing a good one, too. Also, Bibby is getting up there in age.

    Of course, a big con for Bibby is that he hasn't completely learned the offense just yet and he is pretty much easing his way into starting minutes.

    Holiday, on the other hand, has developed a lot of chemistry with the young squad that the Sixers have, which continues to grow as the season progresses.

    The Edge: Jrue Holiday

Jodie Meeks vs. Dwyane Wade

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    OK, Dwyane Wade is obviously the better player here—but don't disregard Jodie Meeks' shot.

    Wade can score at will, but Meeks has also proved this year that he is a very valuable part of the offense.

    In the past, the Sixers never had a reliable shooter, but now they have Meeks. On any given night, he can drop 20—not that I'm saying Wade can't.

    Either way, Wade is the better player, but Meeks is very valuable to the Sixers and he can really spread out the offense and opposing defenses at the same time.

    The Edge: Dwyane Wade

LeBron James vs. Andre Iguodala

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    LeBron James is the better player here.

    However, before you brush this one off, know that the only other player besides James who averages over 14 points, six rebounds and six assists per game is Andre Iguodala.

    While it may not seem like it, they have the same role on their teams. Iguodala does exactly what James does—he just takes less shots.

    They both facilitate the offense and distribute the ball. It's just that Iguodala isn't a superstar like James is.

    Consider him a poor man's LeBron.

    The Edge: LeBron James

Elton Brand vs. Chris Bosh

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    Even though Elton Brand has rejuvenated himself this season, Chris Bosh is still a better player.

    Having said that, Brand is more valuable to his team than Bosh is to the Heat.

    Both of these players have good jump shots from outside the paint, but Bosh is a better rebounder and does better low-post work.

    While Bosh has had some down games, it's difficult to score when you're playing next to two superstars. You can't ignore his great talent.

    The Edge: Chris Bosh 

Spencer Hawes vs. Erik Dampier

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    To be honest, there isn't a lot of talent here, with all due respect to both centers.

    Dampier is old and Hawes needs to learn how to play better defense. He gets called for too many stupid fouls. A lot of the time the games come down to the wire on foul shots.

    Either way, I'd consider them both the same value, but maybe give the edge to Hawes because he's younger.

    The Edge: Tie

The Bench

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    This is probably the weakest spot for the Heat and the strongest for the Sixers.

    The Sixers have the highest-scoring bench in the league and they always seem to come through.

    Lou Williams has proved to be clutch in crunch time and other players, like Thaddeus Young, are consistent.

    The bench for the Sixers is very deep and it's what makes them even more dangerous. Any player on the bench can have a great night against any team—every night they are a threat.

    The Edge: Sixers


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    Even though the Heat have a better team on paper, that still doesn't mean much, as we have witnessed this season. The Sixers work so much better together as a team.

    The Heat have a lot of trouble working together because everyone wants the ball and they don't stress defense. The Sixers, on the other hand, share the basketball and their main focus is defense.

    Not only that, but the Sixers are just as dangerous in the transition game.

    Although the Heat have the better team on paper, the Sixers can play just as well at times. Philadelphia plays the games for a reason—that's why the Heat aren't in first and why the Sixers are climbing up to the fifth seed.