NBA Power Rankings: A Look at the NBA's 10 Worst Teammates

Aaron MContributor IIIMarch 28, 2011

NBA Power Rankings: A Look at the NBA's 10 Worst Teammates

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    Basketball is widely considered to be a team sport. With 82 games a season, there is a heavy emphasis placed on team chemistry, the community, momentum, the ability to handle adversity and attitudes. Teams are not composed of the best players statistically but instead the right players for the coach's system.

    Many teams are built for the best chemistry and thus it all comes down to relationships with fellow teammates. How a player works with a teammate has a direct correlation to wins and losses. There needs to be chemistry; there needs to be a certain level of comfort within a team in order to achieve success.

    However, it does not always work this way, sometimes there are one or two teammates that hinder any chance of success as their negative attitudes become infectious and spread throughout the team, thus affecting team chemistry.

    This looks at 10 unique players who you won't look upon to build team chemistry. Their stats are sometimes overlooked by attitudes and controversy that could potentially bring down any team.

    The Top 10 Worst Teammates in the NBA.

No. 10: Vince Carter

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    " I Don't Want to Dunk Anymore" - Vince Carter.

    During the 2004 NBA off season, then Toronto Raptors star guard Vince Carter stated he did not want to dunk anymore. What?

    He stated that dunking was overrated and unnecessary. "You can make a layup and reach the free throw line," Carter proclaimed. The team went 27-55 the next season.

    This was not the only issue with Vince Carter during his tenure in Toronto. During game 7 of the 2001 Eastern Conference semi-finals, Carter decided to attend his college graduation at the University of North Carolina and made to the game just in time. He ended up missing the game winning shot and the Philadelphia 76ers went on to the NBA Finals.

    Was it worth it Vin-san-ity?

No. 9: Demarcus Cousins

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    Take your pick.

    In just his rookie season, Sacramento Kings' DeMarcus Cousins has been kicked out of practice for a verbal altercation with the team's strength and conditioning coach.

    He was taken out of the starting lineup and fined for making a choking gesture against Golden State guard Reggie Williams.

    Lastly, he was not permitted to fly with the team during a recent trip after an altercation with teammate Donte Greene.

    Cousins was reportedly upset because Greene did not pass him the ball while he was unguarded.

    Promising way to start off your career DeMarcus.

No. 8: Rafer Alston

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    What was he thinking? The question people often ask when the name Rafer Alston enters a conversation.

    The New York City street-ball legend "Skip To My Lou" has found his fair share of troubles in the NBA. He was suspended for 2 games in 2005 for "conduct detrimental to the team" and as the world found out, this was not going to be an isolated incident.

    On August 5th 2007, Rafer was charged for assault and public intoxication where it was alleged he slashed a man on the neck during a nightclub confrontation. Insane.

    While playing for the Orlando Magic, Rafer slapped Celtics guard Eddie House for no apparent reason during an NBA Playoff game.

    He went on to play for the Miami Heat and his troubles did not end there. After 26 games, Rafer alerted the team via text message that he was unable to play against a game with the Atlanta Hawks. No reason was given though it is widely speculated that Rafer was upset at losing his starting spot.

    The team suspended him immediately and he never made a return to the NBA.

No. 7: O.J. Mayo

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    As the 3rd overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft O.J. Mayo was expected to reach high expectations.

    Instead he was in the center of a long controversy in which Mayo received gifts that violated NCAA rules while playing for the USC Trojans.

    It doesn't end there.

    He has tested positive for the steroid "DHEA," though Mayo claims this was due to the fact he purchased an energy drink at a gas station.

    Mayo also got into an altercation with teammate Tony Allen during a flight over a card game.

    Stay away from the cards Mayo.

No.6: Shaquille O'Neal

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    As a 4 time NBA champion and 2000 MVP, Shaq has cemented his legacy as one of the greats. However that does not make him the greatest teammate.

    We all remember his rap in which he slandered former teammate Kobe Bryant.

    During the 1999 NBA season Shaq said: "I have something to say. I think Kobe is playing too selfishly for us to win." Coach Phil Jackson stood up to the defense of Kobe, saying he does not have a selfish agenda but instead "playing the way he could contribute best."

    When traded to the Suns, he ripped the Heat. When traded to Cleveland, he talked about the terrible Suns defense. After leaving the Cavs, Shaq claimed his former teammate Mo Williams was a ball hog.

    "Why was Mo taking 15 shots and I'm only taking 4?"

    He is also rumored to have an intimate relationship with Gilbert Arenas' then fiancee Laura Govan.

    Love Shaq when he plays on your team but you'll hate him once he leaves.

No 5: Allen Iverson

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    A phenomenal guard who would put his body on the line for every second that he was on the floor but Allen Iverson often had a negative impact on his team.

    We all remember the "practice" speech, Iverson was notoriously late for practice. However he will be known for his narcissistic-like attitude in the latter stages of career in which he refused to come off the bench.

    The time came and his ego became bigger than his game.

    As a result of his attitude, he has burnt bridges with all of his former teams and finds himself playing in Besiktas, Turkey.

    I wonder if he attends practice there?

No. 4: Ron Artest

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    A terrific defensive presence with the heart of a warrior is what Ron Artest's play represents. However no list of horrible teammates is complete without the addition of Artest.

    Forget the brawls, the technicals, the arguments, and the suspensions.

    Artest revealed that while a member of the Chicago Bulls, he would drink Hennessy at halftime. "I'd just walk to the liquor store near the stadium and get it," Artest proclaimed.

    Do you really want to play alongside a guy who gets intoxicated during the game?

No. 3: Stephon Marbury

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    During the 2008 NBA season, when his former coach Mike D'Antoni called on Stephon Marbury from the bench to step up and play, Marbury responded with "no."

    His own cousin, Jamel Thomas believes that Marbury was the one who prevented the Minnesota Timberwolves from signing him.

    He will be most notably recognized for his stint with the Knicks in which he fought with coach Larry Brown, fought with the newly appointed Mike D'Antoni and the relationship had deteriorated at such a rapid pace, Marbury was eventually banned from attending Knicks games and practices.

    That's right, despite being on the Knicks payroll, this former all star from Coney Island was such a terrible influence, he was asked to not show up.

    One positive about Starbury, his shoes sell for $14.99.

No. 2: Delonte West

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    Being a horrible teammate guidebook:

    1) Get accused of sleeping with a teammate's mother

    2) Get arrested for carrying a loaded shotgun

    3) Throw the first punch at a teammate during a practice.

    Delonte West has achieved all 3. He was allegedly involved in a rumored affair with LeBron James' mother Gloria.

    He was arrested while in Cleveland after cops discovered he was carrying two handguns and a loaded shotgun, on a motorcycle.

    Lastly, this season he was involved in an altercation with Celtics teammate Von Wafer in which it was reported that West threw the first punch.

    Delonte West should be on the cover of every children's book in America.

No. 1: Gilbert Arenas

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    The fact that Gilbert Arenas has admitted to defecating in former teammate Andray Blatche's shoe is enough evidence that Arenas is the worst NBA teammate ever.

    However that is only the beginning.

    Not only did Gilbert Arenas store guns in his locker, he allegedly pulled one on former teammate Javaris Crittenton. Crittenton allegedly threatened Arenas because of an outstanding debt. In retaliation, it is alleged that Arenas laid out his guns and pulled one after Crittenton became enraged.

    Regardless of the exact details of the story, Gilbert plead guilty to carrying an unlicensed pistol outside of a home or business and was sentenced to 2 years probation and 30 days in a halfway house.

    Due to his actions, Gilbert Arenas  is most certainly the worst teammate anyone can have.

    He has proven he will defecate in your shows and he had no problem storing guns in his locker. Unfathomable.

    I wonder if he used Blatche's jersey as toilet paper?