Minnesota Timberwolves: Will Ricky Rubio Ever Play in the NBA?

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Minnesota Timberwolves: Will Ricky Rubio Ever Play in the NBA?
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Speculation has run rampant for the most part about the future of the Minnesota Timberwolves' first selection in the 2009 NBA Draft for the better half of the last two years now.

After what looked like a tremendous selection for the Wolves, Ricky Rubio now waits as members from his media team keep firing shots about how the 6'3" Spaniard doesn't want to play in Minnesota because of the lousy team and the frigid weather.

For now, he looks like the smart one in the eyes of most NBA fans, which is sad considering his mediocre performance thus far in Spain.

In January, I wrote a piece on why Rubio should suck it up and play for the Wolves. 

Two whole months later and the situation has absolutely no progress to it.

General manager David Kahn has reiterated recently that Rubio will ultimately take his talents to Minnesota, but a member of his camp has said, "Why would he want to play in Minnesota?"

Well, maybe it's because that's what you do when you are selected in the NBA draft—you go and give it your all for the club that took the time and money to select you.

Unfortunately, Rubio believes he is the next Michael Jordan, so of course he shouldn't have to find himself in a T'Wolves uniform next season, right?

Will Rubio's ego ever take him to the USA?

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Even as NBA fans everywhere lust over how good Rubio could be, the fact that he is only averaging six points and four assists for FC Barcelona is disheartening.

The Timberwolves claim to have a grip on the situation as a whole, but they don't.

In fact, Kahn isn't willing to do anything to bring Rubio across the Atlantic because he is too focused on poorly running an NBA franchise.

I wish this whole Rubio situation was behind us already, but unfortunately, we are still paying the price for what will most likely end up being a wasted first-round pick.

It doesn't help that Jonny Flynn, the other point guard the T'Wolves selected, is ending up as an inconsistent role player at best. 

Rubio's childish demeanor is the one thing that is keeping him from achieving great success in the NBA.

Often compared to "Pistol" Pete Maravich due to his goofy hairstyle and made-for-highlights game, Rubio won't ever play in the NBA unless he decides to quell his humongous ego and grow up.

If he never comes to the NBA or the United States, I think it'd be safe to say that this crybaby could be considered a waste of talent.

I mean, why did he even enter the draft it he knew it would end this way? 

In order to get back on the good side of Wolves' fans, he needs to make a decision quickly and stop believing he is Michael Jordan 2.0.

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