2011 NBA Season: Lebron's Big 3 and the Top 5 Scoring Trios in the League

Austin BrinesContributor IIMarch 24, 2011

2011 NBA Season: Lebron's Big 3 and the Top 5 Scoring Trios in the League

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    The NBA is a star-driven league.

    In order to win a championship you need a couple of guys that can really score the basketball. This list is the top 5 scoring trios in the league. You definitely will see a surprise or two.

    So sit back and enjoy reading about the best scorers in the league. Stats are from yahoo.com, and if a player was traded midseason, I am using their totals for the whole season.

5. Los Angeles Clippers' Griffin, Gordon and Mo

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    Eric Gordon: 23.5 PPG

    Blake Griffin: 22.3PPG

    Mo Williams: 14 PPG

    Combined: 59.8 PPG

    This is the main surprise in this slideshow. But as you can see, this trio can really light it up in the points department, and they score far more than half of the 98.5 point the Clips average.

4. Chicago Bulls' Rose, Boozer and Deng

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    Rose: 24.9 PPG

    Boozer: 18 PPG

    Deng: 17.8 PPG

    Combined: 60.7 PPG

    This is no surprise here, as the Bulls are one of the best teams in the NBA. This scoring trio is extremely dynamic and accounts for 62 percent of the Bulls' points.

3. Oklahoma City's Durant, Westbrook and Harden

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    Durant: 27.9 PPG

    Westbrook: 22.1 PPG

    Harden: 11.9 PPG

    Combined: 61.9 PPG

    As you can see, this trio is clearly led by one of the best duos of scoring in the league. If Green was not traded, they would be higher up on this list, but with Harden as the 3rd leading scorer, they fall here.

    This trio scores 59 percent of their teams points, less than the Bulls trio does.

2. New York Knicks' Amare, Melo, and Chauncey

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    Amar'e: 25.9 PPG

    Melo: 25 PPG

    Chauncey: 16.9 PPG

    Combined: 67.8 PPG

    No surprise here. The struggling Knicks have the second best trio of scorers in the league. They score a massive 64 percent of their teams points.

    If only it could transfer into more victories..

1. South Beaches' Lebron, Wade, and Bosh

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    LeBron: 26.4 PPG

    Wade: 25.4 PPG

    Bosh: 18.4 PPG

    Combined: 70.2 PPG

    No surprise here. The greatly heralded Big Three of the Heat is by far the leader of scoring by a trio. Their 70.2 is a gigantic 70 percent of the total offense of the Heat.