Detroit Pistons Only Have One Move To Make: Let Coach John Kuester Go

Ray StoneCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2011

Hey...if you play too well you will go right back in the dog house!
Hey...if you play too well you will go right back in the dog house!Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

If the Detroit Pistons have any realistic plan to turn things around, regardless of the ownership situation, then Joe Dumars and the organization should begin the offseason by acting promptly and professionally. 

Too many embarrassing stories have surrounded this basketball team this year.  

The players do not seem clear about their roles. No team on this level is going to be successful like that, regardless of the talent. 

This club has no style of play and an unhappy locker room to boot. John Kuester pulls guys in and out of the rotation in the strangest ways.

The playing time has been sporadic to say the least; that is not the way to handle a professional team with grown men.

A coach must be able to address his players face to face and communicate with them.

Kuester has failed miserably in doing that. So has Dumars. 

The first logical move that the team can pull off in order to shift the general attitude and perception is firing coach Kuester quietly after the last game of the season.

Without any drama, have the small press conference, shake his hand, say the right things and wish him well.  


No major headline that will take away from the excitement of the NBA playoffs. People can read it on the ticker at the bottom of ESPN.

No one will be surprised or pay much attention. No offense to coach K, but some marginal NBA fans will hardly recognize the name anyway.

Regardless of the blame or who acted like what, moving on is clearly the thing to do. 

Send the message to Piston fans and to potential free agents around the league that the soap opera crap is over in Detroit.

It is imperative that the team acts promptly.

Remember a couple years ago, Detroit inexplicably kept coach Michael Curry around for a while after the season? Then finally (and oddly) announced his firing late in the summer, on the day that the free agent signing period began?

That is the kind of indecision and unprofessional front office behavior creates an unstable work environment. 

First class organizations do not conduct business like that.

Joe Dumars' seat should be red hot as well.

This might be a good time to consider adding Bill Laimbeer—if not as head coach, at least to the coaching staff. 

He is a Piston for life guy that fans and entire community will loyally support him.

Laimbeer would not only come for cheap, he also personifies the defensive attitude and toughness that the organization hangs it hat on—that has always been formula for success in Detroit. 

It is also a marketable move for the local media that certainly might be worth a shot at this point.  

It was acceptable for Dumars to support Kuester for the duration of the season in order to settle things down.  

But after another losing season, the coach of a team that had an unofficial player protest, involving the veterans, has to be sent packing. 

Right away.

Then go from there.