Toronto Raptors: Grading DeMar DeRozan's Second Season

Patrick Yaghoobians@PyaghoobiansAnalyst IIMarch 18, 2011

Toronto Raptors: Grading DeMar DeRozan's Second Season

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    Demar Derozan was the ninth pick in the 2009 draft and came into Toronto with high expectations to fill the SG void the Raptors had.

    He struggled a bit during his first season, scoring less than expected, and not grabbing as many rebounds that a player with his leap should get.

    Coming into his sophomore season, most players have what is called a "sophomore slump," where the player begins to lose his productivity that he achieved during his first season. Luckily for Demar DeRozan and the fans, DeRozan improved VASTLY.

    This slideshow will grade DeRozan's performances for his second season.



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    Grade: A++

    Derozan's offensive numbers skyrocketed as the season went by.

    At the start of the season, Demar struggled a bit to get the offense going, but he was great at drawing fouls every time he went to the basket.

    Demar kept doing what he did in the paint, but added more to his resume of moves two months into the season. In a game against the Houston Rockets, DeRozan scored a career high 37 points and that is where the domination began.

    Derozan went on a hot streak and had many 20 PT games.

    He has more than doubled his previous season's points per game (8PPG to 17PPG) which shows how great Demar has been offensively.


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    Grade: C

    Although Demar's defense has slightly improved, there still is room for improvement.

    He seems to get beat off the dribble easily and is not a very good perimeter defender. When it comes to defense down low. Demar still has his struggles, but not as much as on the perimeter.

    It seems as if every other SG can have a good offensive game against DeRozan.

    This is something that can be fixed in the offseason.


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    Grade: B-

    This is the slide that starts off our subtitles.

    Entering the league, DeMar was known as a bad shooter. He showed the fans that in his first season and it seems to have continued into his second season, but with less struggles.

    DeMar has never been a three-point shooter, but this season so far has been horrible. he is shooting eight percent from behind the arc, which is not something to be proud of.

    His mid-range game has improved, but still has some flaws. DeMar has improved much as he can make his open shots, but when consisted, he has some trouble.

    Something that can easily be fixed with practice, and if he can improve his mid-long range game, he can be a HUGE scoring threat.


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    Grade: A

    With the loss of Chris Bosh, DeRozan played a much bigger role on the Raptors. Fortunately, he paid his dividends and is doing a much bigger part than before.

    He is letting his teammates know what they are doing wrong, and he is doing everything he can to do a better player.

    There is a reason DeMar is the franchise player for this team, and could easily become the Next Vince Carter.


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    Grade: B+

    As of right now, Andrea Bargnani is Toronto's go-to guy because of Bargnani's huge offensive skillset.

    Demar, when given the chance, has proved to be a reliable option during clutch situations.

    Although he may not be as clutch as Kobe, whenever the ball goes into DeMar's hands, it's a good sign on the offensive end.

    He will soon be the go-to guy as his shooting improves, but as of right now, DeMar is only a second option on offense.


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    Overall Grade: A-

    DeMar has improved greatly in his second season, and with some improvements to his game, he can be both a dangerous player and a great leader.

    He has done great things this season to prove to the fans that he can be this team's Franchise Player.

    DeMar has future All-Star written all over him and it would be great to see another Vince Carter (without the leaving part), in this franchise.

    Just like in the picture, if DeMar goes down, he gets right back up.