Chicago Bulls Need a Shooting Guard: Is Michael Jordan's Son Marcus the Answer?

Andy BaileyFeatured ColumnistMarch 17, 2011

The Chicago Bulls are the best team in the Eastern Conference, but there is a glaring hole in their lineup that they've been trying to fill since before the season started.

Marcus Jordan (son of Michael) may be just the man to take on that role.

They've needed a shooting guard since Ben Gordon signed with the Detroit Pistons during the summer of 2009.

They tried to fill the hole by offering restricted free agent J.J. Redick a hefty three-year contract this past summer; unfortunately, the Orlando Magic matched that offer and retained Redick's services.

Missing out on Redick has led to a steady, if not urgent search for a decent backcourt mate to play alongside MVP front-runner Derrick Rose.

The current starter is NBA veteran Keith Bogans, but he averages just four points and plays less than 18 minutes per game. He's not the future.

Backup shooting guard Ronnie Brewer is a great on-ball defender, but his natural position is small forward and he doesn't provide something Chicago really needs out of a 2: three-point shooting.

So, here is my interesting and possibly crazy proposal for the Bulls: draft the son of the greatest player in the history of the NBA (and the Bulls franchise).

After seeing how well Chicago has played this year with next to nothing at shooting guard, it's clear that their need isn't as immediate as they once thought.

With that in mind, they can afford to take a bit of a risk on a player to fill the position.

Jordan is undersized for an NBA shooting guard and he'll always be judged unfairly because of his father.  

However, he has proven this year that he can be a solid scorer, and his greatest strength is on-ball defense—the skill that keeps Keith Bogans in Chicago's starting lineup.

This season at the University of Central Florida, Jordan has led his team in scoring at just under 16 points a game, while demonstrating the ability to knock down threes.

He's been the unquestioned leader of a solid Knights squad that is currently 20-11. They just blew out St. Bonaventure in the opening round of the CBI Tournament. Jordan led the way with 18 points.

I'm not saying he would be the leader of the Bulls or even the third or fourth option, but he could certainly be an upgrade over their current shooting guard and his presence would undoubtedly generate a ton of buzz.

Of course, insane pressure would come with that buzz. Who knows whether or not Marcus would be able to play so directly under the shadow of his father Michael.

I, for one, think that great teammates like Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah would provide a great support system to help alleviate that pressure.  

I also think the fans in Chicago would embrace Marcus for who he is and not for what his father was.

All things considered, whenever Marcus Jordan decides to make the leap to the NBA, it would make a lot of sense for Chicago to at least give him a look.

In the meantime, it looks like they have a real shot at a title without any member of the Jordan clan.