Michael Jordan Averaged 30.4 Points Per Game at Age 32 While Shooting 50 Percent

Zachmo MarsupalamiCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2011

14 Nov 1995:  Guard Michael Jordan #23 of the Chicago Bulls dribbles the ball while preparing to make a move on guard Anfernee ''Penny'' Hardaway #25 of the Orlando Magic during the Bulls 94-88 loss to the Magic at the Orlando Arena in Orlando, Florida.   M
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

At age 32, the greatest player ever led his team to a previously, and still, unfathomable 72-10 record in the regular season and won the NBA Finals MVP award for his immense effort in helping the Bulls down the Sonics in the 1995-96 NBA Finals (he had turned 33 by the time the season was over).

The old man shot 50 percent from the field and 83 percent from the line; oh yeah, he also made 111-of-260 three-point attempts, which is 43 percent from three-point range! Eat that tidbit of info.

He scored a total of 2491 points and did not miss one game of the regular season playing 82. You wanna talk GOAT here? "There's one player that's the perfect 10; that has it all: Michael Jordan," said Alonzo Mourning in an interview seen in the Jordan vid 'His Airness.'

There are people out there that mat want to attempt to somehow hoist someone as being greater than MJ, so let us compare Jordan and...say...Bryant at age 32. 

Age 32 Jordan 82 games; Age 32 Bryant 66-of-66 games (so far)

Age 32 Jordan 37.7 minutes per game; Age 32 Bryant 33.8 minutes per game

Age 32 Jordan 50 percent from the field; Age 32 Bryant 46 percent from the field

Age 32 Jordan 83 percent from the free-throw line; Age 32 Bryant 83 percent from the free-throw line

Age 32 Jordan 43 percent from three-point range; Age 32 Bryant 33 percent from three-point range

Age 32 Jordan 6.6 rebounds per game; Age 32 Bryant 5.2 rebounds per game

Age 32 Jordan 4.3 assists per game; Age 32 Bryant 4.8 assists per game

Age 32 Jordan 2.2 steals per game; Age 32 Bryant 1.1 steals per game

Age 32 Jordan 0.5 blocks per game; Age 32 Bryant 0.1 blocks per game

Age 32 Jordan averaged 2.4 turnovers (negative statistic) per game, while Bryant averages 3.0 turnovers in less minutes.

Age 32 Jordan averaged 30.4 points per game and led the NBA in scoring for the record eighth time. Bryant at age 32 is averaging 25.1 points per game and hurt his ankle in Game 66. Kobe shot 6-of-20 in that game.

He's no MJ. Bryant's team record is 47-20 and after 66 games age 32 Jordan's team was at 59-7.

Not only did Jordan do this at age 32-33, but he won two more titles at ages 33-34 and 34-35. He led the NBA in scoring ate ages 33-34 and 34-45 (his ninth and 10th scoring titles). He also got the NBA Finals MVP two more times in a row, and he NEVER lost in the Finals finishing at 6-0 with six Finals MVPs. 

Say what you will about how he had fresher legs because he retired, and I will say that the 10-time scoring champion Michael Jordan, the player who never once let his team lose in any Finals and the player who averaged over 20 ppg at age 40, the guy who has the highest scoring average in NBA History at 30.1 ppg for a career that spanned from 1984 to 2003 and the guy with the highest scoring average in playoffs history at 33.6 is THE GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME.

So, don't even try to hate on the greatest to ever lace them up, because we both know that if the age 32 1996 Jordan came alive to play, he could, and would, destroy age 32 Kobe, and he would do it on purpose, and repeatedly!