Philadelphia 76ers Show the Boston Celtics Who They're Dealing with

Bobby Valeno@@BobbyValenoContributor IMarch 12, 2011

The Jumbo Tron has some confidence, why don't you?
The Jumbo Tron has some confidence, why don't you?

Its truly amazing what one big win does to the Philadelphia 76ers fan's ego. After the Sixers (34-31) topped the Boston Celtics (46-17) last night, the Wells Fargo Center was taunting Celtics fans before they even got to their cars.

After the final buzzer, just as the Sixers cheerleaders made their way onto the court for a post game celebration, the crew at the Wells Fargo Center thought it would be fitting to display, "76ers fans thank Celtics fans for attending! Come back and enjoy another loss in the playoffs" on the Jumbo Tron.

Fitting? For the night, sure. But if the Sixers want to reignite the Boston-Philadelphia rivalry, they're going to need to fulfill the arena's promise to Boston fans.

Of course the Sixers might not even play Boston in the first round of the playoffs, especially if they continue to move up in the standings. With their win last night and a loss by the Atlanta Hawks, the Sixers are only a half game behind the Knicks for the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference, and three games behind the Hawks for the sixth seed.

Finishing the season with the fifth seed would be unbelievable, considering the Sixers' 3-13 start and plenty of talk that they we're going to wind up with another lottery pick this season.

Sixers fans are starting to talk, and in a positive way. They are getting the news that the Phillies, Flyers and Eagles aren't the only teams in town. Last night's game against the Celtics was sold out, and for a team that came into the game 27th in the league in attendance, that's an incredible feat.

Doug Collins said in his post game press conference that the past two games against the Thunder and Celtics were played in a "playoff-like atmosphere" at the Wells Fargo Center. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

The Sixers will start a five game road trip against the Milwaukee Bucks tonight, a team that they have beaten in nine of their last eleven meetings. With just 17 games left to play in the regular season, every game is crucial.

If they Sixers keep up this pace people might just stop saying that the Sixers can compete with elite teams, and instead start thinking that the Sixers just may be becoming an elite team.

So yeah Boston fans, maybe we will see you somewhere in the playoffs. Maybe we will beat you again and just maybe it will be somewhere past the first round.