2011 NBA Free Agency: 10 Teams That Should Consider Signing David West

Peter HillCorrespondent IIMarch 9, 2011

2011 NBA Free Agency: 10 Teams That Should Consider Signing David West

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    Free agency and contract opt-outs are a rapidly growing topic of discussion in the NBA.

    It seems like everyone wants to opt out and jump ship to another team offering them more money than they might be worth.

    West is 30 years old right now, and will turn 31 before next season starts. So what exactly will his role be going forward?

    We know that West can still score at an efficient rate. He has never been a big time rebounder, but can still bang around for at least seven per night.

    Playing alongside superstar point guard Chris Paul, West is given plenty of opportunities to showcase his skills to every team.

    The real question is what teams need West? Not only that, but who exactly will pursue him if he decides to opt out of his deal this summer?

    Here is a look at 10 teams who could seriously use the services of David West.

10. Memphis Grizzlies

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    With the pending departure of Zach Randolph and his expring $17.6 million contract, the Memphis Grizzlies will be looking to fill the void with someone.

    Why not David West?

    He would fit right into the system and very little transition time would be needed.

    Mike Conley is no Chris Paul, but Conley is a constantly improving player who would mesh well with a guy like David West.

    In addition to Randolph, Memphis has an expiring contract in Shane Battier, so money certainly won't be an issue for the Grizzlies.

    However, if Memphis wants to move up the ladder in the powerful Western Conference, they will need to do much more than sign David West.

9. Denver Nuggets

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    The new-look Nuggets probably won't be done rearranging the roster for quite some time.

    They have expiring deals in Kenyon Martin ($16.5 million) and J.R. Smith ($6.7 million).

    However, much of that money will be relocated towards current players. They need to re-sign Nene Hilario before he gets disgruntled, as well as free agents to be Wilson Chandler and Arron Afflalo.

    At this point the Nuggets are seriously regretting signing power forward Al Harrington to a long term deal. Harrington has underachieved significantly this year, and the team was even rumored to be shopping him before the trade deadline.

    A combination of versatile front court players could make the Nuggets very tough to handle down low. Chris Anderson, David West, Nene Hilario, Al Harrington and Timofey Mozgov all bring special skills to the table.

    While Denver is unlikely to acquire another marquee power forward, signing David West would make them a tough team to handle come playoff time.

8. Phoenix Suns

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    After almost appearing in the NBA Finals last season, the Phoenix Suns have taken a dramatic fall.

    They traded away major parts like Jason Richardson, and signed sub-par players like Josh Childress.

    If Phoenix wants to get back into relevancy before Nash turns 40, or god forbid, leaves town, they need a signing like West.

    Like every power forward who has ever played with Nash, West will fit in just fine.

    Not only will he fit in with Nash, but he can benefit from the size of Marcin Gortat and Robin Lopez down low.

    He would take the majority of minutes from the versatile Channing Frye, meaning the Suns could choose to go small or big with their lineups at any time.

    Phoenix would have to lose Vince Carter's contract somehow, which could be difficult considering how much he is owed.

7. Washington Wizards

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    The worst kept secret in Washington is that John Wall needs help desperately.

    For all the players that have come and gone in Washington the last few years, how shocking is it that Andray Blatche is still around?

    Blatche has been a known trouble maker in the NBA for years now.

    Blatche still has several years left on his deal, but at only $6 million per year, he comes pretty cheap, and simply has too much talent for a team to not take a chance on him. Washington would probably be able to trade him for a quality role player or defensive stopper that they need.

    David West could be a great piece to settle in with John Wall for the immediate future.

    West would be a great pair with Wall, as well as young center JaVale McGee.

    With several expiring contracts, Washington will have the money to acquire a player like West. This one will be entirely up to the front office in Washington.

    For the sake of John Wall, help the kid out.

6. Charlotte Bobcats

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    Michael Jordan officially started the rebuilding process in Charlotte by trading their heart-and-soul player, Gerald Wallace.

    Where the Bobcats go from here is the big question.

    They will have Tyrus Thomas under contract, but it's hard to imagine that he is a "franchise" power forward for Charlotte.

    Thomas is extremely streaky, and Charlotte could use the consistency of David West to help Thomas develop even further.

    Charlotte will have minimal cap room, but will still be able to sign West if they want.

    However, Michael Jordan is the owner of this team, which means nobody knows what he will do.

    The more likely scenario is that MJ and company don't make a move, and fall further into rebuilding mode.

5. Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Oklahoma City made a huge splash this season by trading Jeff Green and Nenad Kristic for Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson from Boston.

    They filled a huge void by acquiring a viable center down low, but left themselves somewhat open at power forward.

    They still have Serge Ibaka, who is a young developing power forward that is very inconsistent.

    On the other hand, they have Nick Collison, who is a veteran post defender who does little in terms of points and rebounds.

    With the $6.8 million expiring deal of Nazr Mohammed, the Thunder will have the money to sign a stud like David West.

    If the Thunder can lock down David West, their starting lineup would be beyond potent.

    Russell Westbrook, Thabo Sefolosha, Kevin Durant, David West and Kendrick Perkins would be the starting five.

    Nick Collison, Serge Ibaka, James Harden, Nate Robinson, Cole Aldrich and more quality players would be coming off the bench.

    Watch out NBA, the Thunder would be the favorite to win it all next year with a move like this.

4. Indiana Pacers

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    Indiana simply has too much money to not make a move this off season.

    Expiring deals like Mike Dunleavy ($10.5 million), T.J. Ford ($8.5 million) and Jeff Foster ($6.6 million) create tons of cap room for the Pacers.

    Besides Danny Granger and James Posey, the Pacers wouldn't have one player making more than $3 million per year.

    It's no secret that Darren Collison has been a major disappointment this year. Why not reunite him with the player he got countless assists from?

    David West almost makes too much sense for Indiana.

    Unless Larry Bird is set on sticking with Josh McRoberts and Tyler Hansbrough (yikes) at power forward, than they need a player like West.

    Please Larry, for the sake of Indiana basketball, make some sort of significant move this off season.

3. Orlando Magic

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    The financials of signing a guy like David West to Orlando would be very tough.

    However, if the Magic could move a major contract like Gilbert Arenas, they could easily sign David West.

    Let's face it, Dwight Howard needs help down low.

    Not only does he need help, but Orlando needs to keep him to be happy.

    Rumors of Dwight Howard hitting the free agent market have already surfaced, leaving Magic fans feeling uneasy.

    If Dwight Howard wants to see what the Magic can do to make him stay, acquiring a quality power forward would be a huge first step.

    The window is closing on keeping Dwight Howard happy, and it will probably take a significant hit during the playoffs if Orlando can't advance a few rounds.

2. New Jersey Nets

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    Right when the Nets traded for Deron Williams, skeptics immediately said that Williams would leave once his contract expires after next season.

    However, the Nets will have their chance to keep this stud around if they can make the right moves.

    It all starts with free agency this summer.

    New Jersey will have plenty of cap room to sign virtually whoever they want.

    The Nets could build a pretty solid core around Deron Williams, David West, and Brook Lopez down low.

    Watch out for New Jersey to make a run at David West, followed by drafting as well as they can with their multiple picks.

    If new owner Mikhail Prokhorov is serious about making New Jersey a contender, signing a quality free agent like David West is where it all begins.

1. New Orleans Hornets

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    If New Orleans wants any chance at keeping Chris Paul it starts with re-signing David West.

    While David West is not the sole reason Chris Paul will stay, it's a big start.

    Paul and West have very good chemistry they have been building up for years now. Letting West go would just set back New Orleans even further.

    If you were around a TV during this trade deadline, you know how big of a distraction one player can be while refusing to sign an extension (Carmelo Anthony).

    New Orleans needs to do everything they can and more to avoid a huge commotion surrounding Paul and his expiring contract.

    Unfortunately for New Orleans, they would have to use basically all of their cap room to re-sign West, making the project of resigning Chris Paul even harder.

    This whole David West signing will be a very underrated one in the NBA.

    Plenty of teams need his services, so he could shake up the landscape of the NBA much more than people would like to realize.

    Good luck David, this will be the biggest move of your career.